quickspin logoIf you were asked to name the best slot game developers out there, it wouldn’t take you long to say Quickspin. Quickspin are a relatively new slot company, having only opened their doors a few years ago. Whilst other big name developers like NetEnt have been going for little over 20 years, in its short time, Quickspin has cemented itself as one of the best slot game makers at the online casinos, which players turn to time and time again.

A blend of flashy graphics, incredible sound design and innovative features have all been reasons why players absolutely adore Quickspin slots. They have a relatively small portfolio of games and yet each one of them has something new to bring to the table and brighten up your day. So, let’s a look at what makes Quickspin such a good casino game developer and if you’re new to Quickspin slots, which slot games you should be playing first.


What Makes Quickspin Games So Unique?

quickspin portfolioQuickspin was established back in 2011 and since then has produced 26 slot games, 20 of which are available on mobile devices. One of the most impressive things about Quickspin is that it hasn’t changed its slot layout at all in the years its been active. Much like NetEnt, Quickspin has designed each of its slots with the same HUD (heads up display) and betting controls, so that if you play any Quickspin slot from their first to their last, you’ll understand immediately how it works.

This is a testament to Quickspin’s designers, because it shows not only that Quickspin care about its players user experience outside of the game, but that Quickspin were making top quality slots from their very first release.

What sets Quickspin out from other slot developers is their ability to produce innovative and beautiful games at a quick rate, now producing a slot a month. This increased production hasn’t hindered their quality, as each Quickspin game continues to be better than the last. Quickspin have also never let fancy bonus features get in the way of fairness, offering high RTP rates and a consistently solid medium variance with all their slot games. Quickspin slots have always been cheap to play, offering minimum bets from as low as 20p, whilst providing players with a chance to win big cash and also experience an industry defining slot game with every release.

The future also looks bright for Quickspin, who continue to innovate on their platform, even outside of their slots. Quickspin has already perfected its multi platform technology, which allows them to deliver optimised slots for both desktop, tablet and mobile users from the day of release. They’ve even begun dabbling in a new kind of slot gamification with their new achievements engine, a new feature which allows them to add in achievements into their slots and provide players with new objectives that can be constantly updated, to keep the game feeling fresh well after release.

These achievements come with a new form of currency called Quickspin tokens, which players can use to purchase higher value achievements, which can pay out even more tokens. These tokens can then be converted into real cash or spent on more achievements, with the aim of winning more tokens.

This all new way to play is available on the slot itself and is independent of any casino, so you can play it anywhere that there’s a Quickspin slot. It’s clear, that Quickspin have started off on sure footing, with talented designers, that continue to not only improve the design of their own games, but revolutionise the way we play at online casinos.


The 5 Best Quickspin Slots To Play

In a perfect world, we would simply throw in every single slot Quickspin has ever made and just call that the greatest hits of Quickspin. However, players want only the best and so we’ve wracked our brains to try and discern which of Quickspin’s amazing slot games could qualify as their best. We’ve come up with a top five list of Quickspin slots which you need to play in order to get the best of Quickspin and understand why they’re just so good.

5. Big Bad Wolf Mobile Slot

Big Bad Wolf by QuickspinIt’s a testament to Quickspin that even when they try something for the first time, it still ends up claiming a place among the best. Case in point is Big Bad Wolf, which was Quickspin’s first attempt at an avalanche slot. An avalanche slot is one where whenever the player manages to land a winning line of symbols, they will disappear and allow further symbols to fall into their place, with the potential to combo wins and therefore gain much higher payouts from a single spin.

Big Bad Wolf is a very simple slot on the face of it, only offering an avalanche mechanic and a extra spins bonus round, but thanks to Quickspin’s close attention to detail, it’s still one of the best of its category and because of that remains popular and still included in casino promotions all these years on.


4. Razortooth Mobile Slot

Razortooth Slot by Quickspin - Tiger LeapingIn another first from Quickspin, Razortooth ended up being Quickspin’s first foray into 243 ways to win, leaving behind the usual paylines for a system which determines your wins based on if the symbols are adjacent to one another. This gives players more ways to win from the get go, but Quickspin decided to risk it all and include further random bonus features which include a tiger that randomly jumps across the reels and adds further wilds to the slot, ending in a big win.

There’s even a extra spins round on Razortooth, which along with some free plays can add some additional stacked wilds onto the reels and give players the chance to walk away with some truly massive wins. And to top it all off, the slot also looks absolutely incredible in action.


3. The Wild Chase Mobile Slot

The Wild Chase was at the time, Quickspin’s most frenetic slot game yet. It took a long time to come out and was teased for months before we finally got a trailer and even longer before the game finally arrived. After all that time, it turned out that the wait was worth it as The Wild Chase provided players with a jam packed plethora of bonus features, which were all chosen in order to produce an absolutely off the wall slot game.

Players would receive a re-spin every time they landed two or more wilds. But it didn’t just end there, because each wild would also add a multiplier to the win, meaning that not only were you receiving free re-spins and sticky wilds, but your winnings were being multiplied at the same time.

This all comes to a head during the extra spins round, where all of these features are still in play, on top of the fact that you’re also receiving extra spins on every turn. If you a slot game that’ll give you an adrenaline rush from the comfort of your own mobile phone, then you’ll find nothing delivers that better than The Wild Chase.


2. Spinions Beach Party Mobile Slot

spinions slotFollowing on from The Wild Chase, Quickspin decided they wanted to keep fooling around with re-spin mechanics, but possibly lighten the mood and make things a little bit more manic. That’s why they created Spinions: Beach Party, a slot game which features the absolutely mad Spinion characters who aim to bring you laughs and frequent re-spins.

Every single Spinion wild symbol is a sticky wild, so whenever you land two or more on the reels, you get a free re-spin, which continues until you stop spinning any further wild symbols, which in theory could be, until the reels are jam packed. There’s even a extra spins round which uses the same feature, so you can get seven extra spins, with each one dealing out a new big one because of the sticky wilds that litter the slot and can appear on any reel at any time.


1. Phoenix Sun Mobile Slot

phoenix sun slot quickspinPhoenix Sun is by far Quickspin’s prettiest and most experimental slot game to date and that’s why it heads this list. We have no doubt that a game will come along in time to push Phoenix Sun off the top spot as Quickspin continue to improve with every slot game they produce. Phoenix Sun continues to push the limits of how wins are decided in a slot by giving players 7,776 ways to win.

When you start the game, the slot will be a 3×5 reel slot with 243 ways to win. However, as you land Phoenix wild symbols, you will only get a free re-spin, but the Phoenix will rise from the ashes stronger than ever, by expanding the reels and giving the player more slot to play with.

Every few Phoenix symbols, the slot will expand, until it eventually becomes a 5×5 reel slot, with 7,776 ways to win. The eye popping visuals of the Phoenix wilds bursting into flame, the expanding slot and the free re-spins with every wild spun should be enough to convince any player that Quickspin are way ahead of the curve and producing some of the best slots that we’ve ever seen.


The Best Quickspin Casinos To Play At Right Now

Quickspin slots can only be played at Quickspin supported casinos, with the good news being that Quickspin is a popular enough games developer to be available pretty much everywhere. However, great slots require a great casino to play them at, so we’ve listed our favourite Quickspin casinos for you to play at right now and start enjoying the best slots that Quickspin has to offer.

Casumo Mobile Casino

Casumo Casino LogoCasumo was one of the earliest casinos which tried out gamification and the fact it’s still here is a testament to how well received it was by players. Obviously our focus is on Quickspin slot games, but that doesn’t deter the fact that Casumo has a great and expansive selection of games from just about every major slot developer working today.

Casumo’s defining feature is its objectives and trophies which reward players for doing lots of mini tasks at the casino, such as getting a big win, all the way to simply logging in. You always feel like you’re being rewarded for your loyalty at Casumo. To top it all off, Casumo has constant reel races going, so you can even play your favourite Quickspin slots competitively and potentially earn even more big payouts and prizes.

Play At Casumo Casino Right Away!


Leo Vegas Mobile Casino

leo vegas birthdayLeo Vegas Casino has been a supporter of Quickspin from the start, being one of the earliest places for players to get their first taste of Quickspin’s games. Years on, Leo Vegas are still supporting Quickspin by offering bonuses on their slots and making sure that each of their new slot releases is on their casino from day one, available for both desktop and mobile players.

Leo Vegas has a lot going on with it outside of Quickspin games, with a stellar live casino library, numerous casino games and even its own in house sportsbook where players can bet on sports in real time. If you’re a fan of everything a casino can offer, then we’re sure Leo Vegas has something for you.

Play Great Games At Leo Vegas Casino!


Mr Green Mobile Slot

Mr Green Premier League PromoThere’s not a single mobile casino player who hasn’t head of Mr Green. They have one of the largest advertising campaigns of any casino, and their titular mascot is a well known household name. That reputation is thankfully matched by the quality of the casino itself, which provides players with a mobile casino packed to the brim with great games.

These include slots, casino table games, live casino games and even a sportsbook. But the finishing touch to Mr Green’s amazing casino is the fact that you can play Quickspin slots at any time and earn incredible bonuses and prizes all whilst doing it.

Get The Best At Mr Green Casino!


Guts Mobile Casino

Guts Casino Logo Featured ImageGuts Casino provides players with one of the most rewarding casinos ever to rear its head in the online world. Guts Casino offers players great games and a range of weekly promotions and bonuses which offer them deposit matches, extra spins and even cash rebates on their live casino losses.

Guts Casino is especially big on extra spins, offering extra spins bonuses at every chance on big name slots like Quickspin. The best part is, that unlike other casinos, when Guts Casinos says extra spins, it means free, since there’s no wagering requirements to pay back on any wins you get from extra spins. So if you want to play Quickspin slots for free and still walk away with a payout, then Guts Casino is the place to be.

Play Quickspin Slots At Guts Casino Now!