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When it comes to gambling on your mobile phone or tablet, the opportunities are endless. Fancy a jackpot slot, the Blackjack table, the Roulette table or perhaps the humble scratchcards? This section of MobileSlots4U will guide you through the enormous amount of mobile games, pointing out only the very best mobile slots, real money casino games and everything in between.
Apart from game genres, there is so much variation in mobile games that it’s more than easy to get lost. We’ll help you navigate and pin-point the greatest phone slots – no matter if you like the penny slot machines or are a super high roller looking for a high variance machine. We’ve got all the newest mobile phone games right here in one place, so if you’re visiting MobileSlots4U, you won’t need anyone else.
We also take many of the most popular phone games and write mobile slot reviews. Thorough and sometimes brutal, we critically review games, so that you know what to expect from them and how well they pay out. After all, winning is everyone’s priority! We’ll highlight ways that you can maximise your winnings and perhaps even get your paws on that elusive jackpot!
Not sure where to start? Why not check out what's new or take a chance with one of the top 10 mobile slots that we absolutely adore - they're fun, vibrant and, most importantly, rewarding.


Mobile Games – Slots, Blackjack, Roulette and More

When you think of mobile games, the first thing that pops into your heard will most likely be slots. Forget the classic fruities that you might have seen on brick-and-mortar casino floors – modern mobile slots are bold, beautiful, packed with features and look awesome on mobile screens.
Granted, mobile slots are one of the biggest segments of this industry. Many thousands of mobile slots exist out there and new ones are continuously created by hundreds of software developers. The mobile slots that we focus on can all be played with real cash at mobile casinos that we recommend.
However, there’s much more to mobile games than just slots. Just think about the variety of casino table games that are available at many casino sites. From Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Jacks or Better, to Baccarat, the games which used to be traditionally played at casinos can now be accessed from your smartphone. And it doesn’t matter if it’s an Android, Windows or iOS device – there’s a mobile casino that’s accessible to each and every single one of us.
Add to that bingo, scratchcards, keno and even novelty games like Slingo – part slot, part bingo – and you’ can quickly get overwhelmed. With so many real money mobile games available, MobileSlots4U will help you find your footing and find the best phone and tablet games to play today!

How To Play Mobile Games

Although it might appear daunting and rather intimidating at first – it is real money that you’re staking – playing mobile games is quite simple. Actually, the hardest part of it all is choosing which games you want to try your hand at.
Is it the traditional machines that you can also find in your local pub that appeal to you? Then probably you’ll want to go for a classic mobile slot from IGT or the likes. And if it’s the newest and the sleekest mobile slots that you’re after, check our any of NetEnt’s new releases for your perfect match.
Then, you’ll just have to weigh your budget carefully, choose how much you want to wager on that particular mobile game, sit back and hope for big wins. While some might say there’s not much strategy when it comes to mobile games, we beg to differ. Always make sure you play the maximum number of paylines of a slot to truly boost your chances of winning and select the biggest bet per line that you can afford.
Software developers have to be registered and licenced by the UK Gambling Commission. Plus, every single game that’s available to UK players must be thoroughly vetted prior to it being released, all of which ensures that the mobile slots you can find online are safe to play and have fair payouts.

Why You Should Read Our Mobile Slot Reviews

It’s impossible to know every single mobile slot that exists out there, but we sure try to. Our team have dozens of years of combined experience in the field, so we can easily compare one mobile slot to another, really picking apart machines and giving you the low-down.
After all, unlike those candy or farming related games that you often come across on your social media, gambling on your phone uses real money. And naturally, the winnings aren’t paid out in imaginary crops or colourful sweets, but in cold hard cash! That’s why it matters that you know exactly which mobile slot to play to maximise your winning potential.
In many ways, mobile slots these days are similar, for example many are created with HTML5, which means that they look fabulous and play great too. Unfortunately, this also means that it’s harder for the untrained eye to tell if they’re really worth spending time and money on.
That’s why we compare the game mechanics, return to player percentages, the house edge, features, availability of jackpots, paylines, maximum payouts and much more when we write our mobile slot reviews. And we won’t stop there. We’ll point out exactly which mobile casinos you should play the games on, giving you the best value and the maximum entertainment for your money.

The Most Convenient Type Of Entertainment

Don’t forget about the added bonus of playing mobile games whenever and wherever you want. Granted that you have an internet connection and a mobile device. Any smartphone or tablet will do the job, no matter if it’s running on iOS, Android or Windows software.
No matter if it’s a new mobile slot or a time-tested, classic Roulette table – every mobile game can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. And the best thing of all is that most of the mobile casinos that we’ll recommend you play at accept phone bill payments. This means that you’re able to deposit cash into your casino account in a matter of minutes and get playing right away. How’s that for convenience?

Premium gameplay

We don’t care much for games that are glitch, fail to load or get stuck in spin mode quite often. We’ll only feature those mobile games on our site which have top-notch gameplay.

Best slot features

Re-spins, extra spins, sticky wilds, mini-games, bonus rounds, expanding wilds, wheels of fortune, jackpots – so many features exist in the world of mobile gambling that we sometimes lose track!

High return to player

It doesn’t matter how many features a mobile game has or how lovely the theme, because ultimately it’s the return to player that matters. We seek out only those mobile slots that have high return to player percentages, so let’s just hope lady luck is on your side.

Engaging theme

To each their own. That’s why MobileSlots4U features and reviews mobile games with a wide variety of themes and storylines. From mermaids and kittens, to mummies and intergalactic space travel – there’s a mobile game to fit everyone’s needs.

Range of bets

Having a mobile game that accepts bets that range from just a few pennies to a couple of hundred pounds is important to those players who are looking for varied and dynamic gameplay.

Top developers

High quality games can’t be created by just anyone. We are on a constant lookout for software developers, who are the best in what they do – crafting awesome mobile games with super winning potential.
When it comes to playing casino games online, most people are concerned about the financial aspect of it all. Namely, the vast majority of players would prefer to play for free. The good news is that this can be achieved in two ways. First, you can seek out those casinos which allow you to play online for free, meaning they have a demo mode available. In other words, the fun mode allows you to get acquainted with the gameplay mechanics, the bet sizes, the regularity of the payouts and all of the special bonus features too. When you become well-versed on a game in fun play mode, it’s much easier to cross over into real money play.

A second route into playing casino games online for absolutely nothing is to seek out the no deposit bonuses that many casinos dish out these days. Basically, these bonuses are free cash that casinos provide all their new players with to check out a few games here and there. These bonuses aren’t meant to be cashed out most of the time, although there are some kamikaze sites which allow people to keep the winnings – how generous! When the bonus money runs out, you can decide for yourself if you want to make that first deposit or skip along to the next site with a no deposit bonus and play straight away.

Download vs Instant-Play Casino Games Online

When you’ve warmed up your feet playing the games for free, you’re often faced with another dilemma. Your playing style might be different from that of other gamblers, so what’s right for some might not work for others. We’re talking about downloadable versus instant-play casino games.

Casinos which allow you to download their software onto your computer or phone as an app are handy when you are dedicated to playing casino games online on that particular site only. You can easily access your casino games off your home screen across devices, the graphics are improved and usually more games are available to those who download. On the other hand, if you don’t want to be tied down to just a couple of sites and love to play games on the go, then instant-play casinos will be the right choice. If you aren’t too bothered by having instant accessibility from your home screen, then loading up the casino in your browser, which takes a couple of seconds anyway, will be fine when you want to hit some casino games online. In the end, it’s all about your personal style!

The Different Kinds Of Casino Games

Online casino games come in many different forms and have gameplay and features which can satisfy any preferences. Casino games come in roughly 5 different forms: slots, table games, live casino, scratch cards and bingo games. There are several different forms of casino games, but these are the major categories that you’ll run into when you’re online gambling.

When you play casino games, it’s important to play at a casino which focuses on the games of your choice. Some casinos specialise in slot, others in live casino games and others focus on table games. There’s no lack of choice when it comes to online casinos which provide a specific kind of game type, so if you’re not getting the kind of casino games that you want from your online gambling, then it’s best to head elsewhere.

The differences between the different casino game types are numerous, but we can break them down simply in order to give you a better outline of what kind of games will match your preferences. Slots are played by players spinning reels of symbols, with the aim of lining them up in order to win payouts based on which symbols they spin. Table games are traditional games that are played on tables in real life casinos, which includes games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

Live casino games are table games but played using a real dealer, who is streamed over a live video stream. Players will then bet on the game as if they were playing at a real life casino, which offers a much more immersive gambling experience. Scratch card games are simple games where players receive a digital scratch card which they then reveal by scratching off the texture covering the symbols. They then win money based on how many similar symbols they managed to reveal.

Finally, players can play bingo, which is usually a game found at its own designated casinos, which primarily host only bingo games. Online bingo is one of the more popular casino games and is predominantly how most people choose to spend their time at the online casinos, with its audience numbers rising exponentially over the last few years. In bingo, players have a ticket filled with numbers, that they will mark off as a bingo caller calls out numbers. If they get a line of their numbers called out, then they get a bingo, which nets them a cash prize.

More Ways To Enjoy Casino Games Than Ever Before

Online gaming is always getting bigger, with more games and players than ever before thanks to increased support for mobile devices and more stable internet, both at home and on the go. Players can enjoy the latest games on their desktop, mobile or tablet, thanks to the hard work of many games developers in making sure that their games are optimised for every single platform by the time launch day rolls around.

Players can enjoy bingo, slot games, table games and even more recently, live casino games, at home or out of the house. Live casino gaming is the most recent way that players have begun to have access to on their mobile phones. Live casino gaming is a bandwidth heavy form of casino games because it requires streaming high quality video and audio to a player’s device. Live casino developers like Evolution Gaming have optimised their streaming service, so that live casino streams use up less data than ever before, which goes a long way to making them more accessible for mobile gamblers.

And players have more ways to play casino games, which are emerging every single day, since new online casinos are constantly cropping up, each with their own specialities and niche audiences. If there’s a certain genre of casino games which interests you, then you’ll have no problem finding somewhere to play it. The online gambling sector is ever expanding and that increased competition means that along with more places to play your casino games at, you’re also receiving a better gaming experience, since every single casino games developer has to be on their A game in order to stand out from the crowd.

There’s never been a better time to start playing online casino games, and with sites like MS4U to walk you through the highlights of online casino games, then you’ll never go wrong in your objective to play at the most rewarding casinos and wager on the best online casino games. So head on over to your favourite online casino, take a look around at which services and games it has to offer, claim an excellent no deposit bonus and then start playing amazing casino games right away.