Sálvame Naranja Limón online slot is here! MGA’s new instalment of the Spanish Celebrities has arrived. Unsurprisingly, this game takes place on a television set, just like the famous and beloved TV programme.

This online slot has a triple view design, improved loading speed, and the well-known symbols seen in classic slots. In addition, it contains five minigames where different symbols from other Spanish Celebrities games you might be familiar with will appear.

Sálvame Naranja Limón Online Slot Minigames

Below are the minigames you can play in the Sálvame Naranja Limón online slot. Up to five exclusive minigames can be found in the base game and the bonus round.

  • Famosos minigame: This game can be found in the base game. It’s triggered with the Sorteo Premiado symbol. To access it, a player must obtain the combination indicated on the central line. When you enter this minigame, four celebrities will appear (Leticia Sabater, María Lapiedra, Sandro Rey, and Ismael Beiro). Each of them will offer a hidden prize, and you must choose one of them to receive the corresponding reward.

Now that we’ve discussed the minigame of the base game, we will move on to the ones found in the bonus round. You can select the game you want by clicking on any of the symbols that appear:

  • Sálvame Hotel: You are in a hotel with three characters who will appear and disappear in six different windows. The prize you obtain will be the sum of the amounts present on the screen when you press the JUGAR button.
  • Sálvame Show: This game consists of a draw between five artists. Each artist will have a panel with a prize written in euros assigned to them. By pressing the JUGAR button, you will stop the draw. The final prize of the game will depend on the artist you’ve selected.
  • Sálvame Famosos: You will have to discover the famous person who will visit the set of Sálvame. In this game, you will find a panel with nine posters containing questions. Each of them will hide various awards or an EXIT symbol. Players will get to accumulate prizes until the EXIT box appears.
  • Sálvame 1 Década: You will find a roulette wheel with up to eight prizes on the stage. Once the wheel lights up, you must press the JUGAR button. The final prize will correspond to the sum of the illuminated portions.

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