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Category: Online Slot Games

Online Slot Games

There’s a reason why we’re called MobileSlots4U and that reason is because we adore online slot games. In this category, you will find all there is to find on the subject of online slots games, including all the best online slot games from the best developers and the ones we find to be the most fun to play. At MobileSlots4U, we don’t like to waste players’ time by giving you all the info on all the online slot games out there. You are spending your money, after all, so we want you to spend it on the best online slot games there are.

What Are Online Slot Games?

To make things clear, online slot games are video slots that can be played online. This can be done either through a mobile device, on a desktop computer or a tablet, as long as said device has access to the internet. These online slot games can either be a completely original creation from the developer which was created specifically to go online or they can be slot titles that exist in the real world as part of a slot machine but are also available online.

You can usually tell which of these online slot games is which because much of the real-life slot machine-based-only online slot games tend to be older and have more outdated graphics. Not that that makes them bad or unplayable. In fact, it does give you a thrill of nostalgia and even fondness. But a slot that has flawless graphics and animation was most probably designed to be distributed online.

When it comes to online slot games, you are more likely to stumble across the former, slots that were made to go online and stay online with excellent graphics, animation and design. However, said slots do also appear in real-life too if they are popular enough online. It’s really a game of numbers! If a game gets enough attention in real life, the developer might, just might, make it into a slot machine. This doesn’t happen often, though, as the entire gambling industry is geared towards being online.

And why wouldn’t it? Online gambling has taken the world by storm. It has strong markets throughout most of Europe and continues to prosper even to this day. The growth of online gambling in general over the past couple of years has been astonishing and there’s no sign of it slowing down any time soon. This is why online slot games have an entire category all by themselves at MobileSlots4U. Online slot games are the future. Online slot games are the status quo.

What Makes Good Online Slot Games?

But what constitutes to an “excellent” online slot game? Well, firstly we examine what kind of devices this online slot game can be played on. If they can be played on mobile, desktop and tablets then we’d say that slot was a good one. It shows versatility and range, giving players the option to be able to access it remotely or at home at their desk. On the other hand, if any online slot game works just on desktop then we might consider it a great game but wish it could be improved upon by an increase in mobility.

That isn’t all that makes a great online slot game, however. When we look at them, we analyse their features. For example, do they use wild or scatter symbols? Do they have a bonus game or an extra reel? Basically, what makes these online slot games less monotonous? What sets them apart from others of its kind? In our honest opinion, this is the factor that makes online slot games truly unique. If a slot cannot provide anything new to the table, then there is no reason to play it when you could be playing another, better slot that gives you a far more memorable experience.

Theme is also an important requirement. Without theme, online slots games have no identity. You have your more general themes such as oriental, wild west and sci-fi. But then you have the more specific examples such as alley cats, flower beds and emojis. Just to be clear, the more specific a theme is does not indicate quality. For instance, we would sooner take a better slot with a generic oriental theme than a rubbishly generic slot that is filled with exciting firework symbols.

But most important of all is the playability of the online slot game. If it is no fun to play, unsatisfying, or makes winning an absolute chore, said game is truly no good and not even worth your time, let alone your money. After all, who wants to put money into something that will ultimately leave them feeling empty as well as leaving their pockets empty too? Our time on this earth is too precious to waste on such things. Besides, it’s not the best way to start your long-term gambling experience if you’re new to online slot games.

Where Can You Find Online Slot Games?

The answer to this is simple: at mobile casinos. We have tons of mobile casino website reviews for you to trawl through and help you decide which place to start on your mobile gambling adventure. This is where you can find all online slot games. You can either play a ‘demo’ version (free) to see if the slot is any good or you can put you can bet real money. However, you do need to register with the casino and deposit money in order to do this.

Minimum bet with online slot games usually can be anything between 1 and 10p while maximum bets can vary even more. You can either win based on paylines or through “243 Ways to Win” (which basically means there are too many paylines to count). Like we said, we do like online slot games that know how to keep player entertained so we strongly suggest seeking out an online slot that spices things up a bit with a secondary bonus round or plenty of bonuses to help them along to an easy win.

We do think, however, that a good online slot game doesn’t make it too easy for players to win. If that were the case then many players would get rich too quickly and there would be no money for the mobile casinos that work so hard to give their customers exactly what they want. Not only that, but players would also get extremely bored with online slot games very quickly and not pay much attention to them. Obviously, that would be undesirable, so a good game must make it somewhat challenging for players to earn their money’s worth. But they can’t make it too challenging otherwise the opposite will happen: players will become frustrated and give up, thinking that all this slot-playing is a poor use of their time and waste of their expenses.

Be sure to check out all these online slot games for yourself and see if it’s your type of gambling and whether or not you gather the same thirst for quality slots as we have. Hopefully, it’ll give you a sense of higher expectations when it comes to the standards you harbour for any of the online slots games you may encounter, either here or on any online casino you log onto. It is your money, after all.