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Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play – Intro

IGT’s game designers have gone nuts! I can just imagine them sitting with a blank piece of paper, cracking their heads over how to make the next big hit. Someone must’ve thrown out a silly idea, “well, to double the fun, let’s just double the reels!” And hence, Dual Play was born. IGT has chosen to apply this crazy idea onto one of their most popular slots – Da Vinci Diamonds. Da Vinci Diamonds is best known for its Tumbling Reels feature, where every winning combination gives way to even more winnings. With two reels, the Tumbling effect is even cooler. You won’t be disappointed!

About The Slot
You’ll find not one, but two sets of tumbling reels stacked on top of each other. Each reel is made up of 3x5 configuration and 20 paylines; so together, there are 40 paylines in all. Betting is fixed at 40 paylines, so you’ll have maximum chances of winning in every single spin.

Bets start at 40p to £30, so well suited to casual players. Despite playing so many paylines at the same time, the minimum bet is still under 50p. The theoretical return to player (RTP) is 93.41 – 95.29%. For beginners, a game’s RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game; on average, the game machine pays out £95.29 out of every £100 wagered on the game. The game’s payout odds aren’t the best around – you can find games at 97% RTP – but they are fair.

The game is definitely on the higher end of the variance scale. Things can get slightly quiet at times, but the action goes through the roof whenever you hit a winning combination or extra spins bonus. It’s the kind of game that keeps you on your toes.

Game Features


Return to player

Payout lines

Minimum bet (p)

Maximum bet (£)

Game Features: Win Multipliers, Extra Spins!
Let’s talk about the game’s main feature: the Tumbling Reels. Winning symbol combinations disappear and new symbols literally “tumble” down from above. It’s like a free re-spin, as you get another chance of winning for the cost of the same spin. These tumbling reels can, technically, lead to a nice string of cumulative wins. I’d say that you’d win something extra at least once in every two encounters with these tumbling reels.

Since there are two reels, the symbols can even Tumble Thru! The symbols from the top reels can tumble down into the bottom reels. This feature really stands out when you get a winning combination on only the bottom reel. Symbols on both reels are forced to shake up its arrangement, giving you a whole new chance for winning.

In Extra Paylines Extra Spins Bonus, you’ll get six extra spins, during which 20 extra paylines are activated. The extra paylines criss-cross across the top and bottom reels; you could say that the two games have combined into one giant slot machine! In total, you’d be playing with 60 paylines at a time. Well, buckle up and prepare yourself for lots of Tumbling Reels action! This feature is triggered whenever you get three bonus symbols on a payline.

With two reels, Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play is takes up a lot of space on your screen. In fact, if you’re playing on a mobile device, you can only play it in portrait mode. All of that space is filled up with replicas of the titular artist’s famous paintings. I could only recognize the Mona Lisa, but there’s also his self portrait and …

Aside from art pieces, you’ll also find sparkly gems and jewels that are fit for a wealthy Medici. After all, Da Vinci lived during the Renaissance times, a truly glorious and fortuitous time in Italy’s history. Sadly, IGT had not revamped the graphics since the original Da Vinci Diamonds, so it’s got quite a dated look about it.

Unique Features
When I first encountered the game, my only thought was: “What’s the point?” It’s definitely a novel idea, but I couldn’t think of why players would want to play two reels at once. It’s not as if players were playing slots on two devices at the same time! After a good test drive, I discovered that the Dual Play concept enables a much faster game pace. Fast-paced games eventually mean much more addictive gaming sessions.

My brain immediately went into overdrive – I just needed to hit spin faster, collect wins faster and just strive towards doubling my casino balance. And that’s the magical slots trance, really! It’s this trance that keep players coming back to this delightful game. Da Vinci Diamonds Double Play has only made the entire experience more intense.

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