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A mobile casino is a special kind of beast: you don’t need to head down to your local pub to spin the reels of slots, heck, you don’t even need a laptop to play at a mobile casino!
It’s all in the palm of your hand and we mean your smartphone of course. Thousands of mobile casino sites are out there in the vastness of the internet and the absolute majority of those mobile casino sites are accessible from any mobile device you can think of. So what makes a mobile casino special and what you should look out for when selecting which site to play on? Let us tell you all about it!
Mobile Casino of the Month: Casumo Casino

Mobile Casino

Mobile casinos continue to get better and better, as the audience for them continues to grow. The mobile online casino has seen huge growth in the last few years as more people than ever are choosing mobile as their preferred platform to log in to their casinos and play mobile casino. This increased growth has led to more mobile casinos than ever popping up and trying to satisfy the millions of mobile gamers who want a mobile casino to give them the best gaming experience when they’re out of the house and on the go.

With lots of mobile casinos, that means there’s a lot of competition, so players have a lot to choose from when it comes to selecting a mobile casino which provides the games that they want to play. What you can look forward to when you load up a mobile casino, is optimised mobile casino games, which have been expressly designed to play on your mobile phone. On top of that, you can also get mobile friendly payments, which are easy to activate when you’re away from the comfort of your home. They also have excellent promotions which benefit mobile users, instead of punishing them for choosing the mobile option. And finally, a good mobile casino will also offer you a mobile friendly interface, which has been designed to work with your smartphone and not simply function as a desktop website with poor touch controls.

Play The Latest And Greatest Mobile Casino Games

A casino is nothing without great games and when you sign up with a mobile casino, you want to know that you’re getting the best mobile casino games that are available. A mobile casino can guarantee you that every game you play at has been optimised for mobile play. Mobile phones differ wildly in the power that they offer and compared to most home computers, such as PCs and laptops, they are very underpowered. On top of that, most players who spend time at online gambling on their mobile aren’t necessarily going to be playing with the latest tech, so slot developers have to make sure that their slots not only look great, but are also available to be played by a great number of players at each mobile online casino.

In the past, mobile slot games weren’t so good, basically providing the desktop version of the slot, but on a mobile. This caused problems as only the best mobile phones could play them, and also, players would have to wait a few more weeks for the mobile version to be released. Every mobile casino can now release the latest mobile slots straight to their casinos without any delay to the player. That means you get to play mobile casino without waiting for the best new games or having to suffer through a poorly optimised game. Now you can play nearly every single game at your mobile casino, even if your phone is leaning a bit on the older side.

Live Casino And Sports Betting At Your Mobile Online Casino

One of the places where the mobile casino failed in the past, was offering players a suitably varied array of games. While the mobile casino nailed slot games and casino table games down very quickly, it had some trouble bringing alternative casino games such as sports betting and live casino to its virtual casino floor. Sports betting needs to be constantly updated and mobile casino providers simply weren’t interested in hiring the staff required to keep their mobile casino up to date and useful for players who wanted to make real time bets on sports.

The live casino was an entirely different issue. Live casino games involve streaming a video of a real dealer carrying out a table game such as roulette or blackjack, which players can bet on in real time. Unlike slots and casino table games, which are just simple games which players only need to load once onto their mobile, a live casino needs to be constantly streamed to players so they can keep up to date with the action in real time. That involves a lot of high quality video being delivered to players, which is going to use up all of a players mobile internet if they’re playing their mobile casino on the go, something which is very likely given the “mobile” nature of a mobile casino. Mobile internet speeds are also an issue, since many players weren’t getting internet speeds which could handle a constant high quality live casino stream.

Finally the technology has caught up and now that it’s possible to deliver live casino video to players, due to the increased speed that 4G provides, players demanded more from their mobile casino. Live casino developers like NetEnt and Evolution Gaming have worked tirelessly to optimise their streams to provide players with high quality live casino games that don’t use up all their players’ mobile internet. Sports betting has seen a similar growth as the larger mobile casino providers have invested the time and effort into crafting some of the best sports betting platforms around, all to be enjoyed by mobile players.

The Future Of The Casino Is All Mobile

If there was ever a time to start to play mobile casino, that time would be now. More and more players are choosing to gamble on their mobiles than ever before, so all the innovation and business interest lies at the mobile casino. Many mobile casino operators are already starting to reward players for using the mobile version of their casino than the desktop version, offering players additional bonuses and an advantage when taking part in competitions and reel races. This means that if you play at a mobile casino, you’ll get rewarded much more than if you decide to play at a regular desktop casino.

Virtual reality is another emerging technology and it won’t take long to guess where many of the innovations in VR casinos are taking place. That’s right, it’s all happening at the mobile casino. NetEnt have started developing versions of their classic mobile slot games to work on mobile phones, so in the near future, you’ll be able to get a virtual reality experience, which you can enjoy on a budget, all from your mobile casino.

The moral of the story is that the mobile casino has it all going for it. Whilst desktop casinos might have ruled the roost for a very long time, the players have spoken and they have very obviously sided with the mobile casino as their preferred platform, due to its freedom and ease of use. Whilst there’s great stuff planned for the future of mobile gaming, right now you won’t find a better place to spend time at the casinos. A mobile casino can provide you with the best promotions, that range from rewarding high rollers, to giving players on a tight bankroll who are mobile depositing, a nice extra bit of bonus cash to play with. Exclusive casinos, that feature their own in house developed games have also started to crop up, but they are only available for mobile gamblers. If you haven’t worked it out yet, it’s clear to see that gambling on your mobile is the clear way to play at your casinos.