When people think about mobile slot machines, the first phone that will generally come into their mind is the iPhone, and why shouldn’t it? After all, the Apple operating system is the most popular in the UK, right? And the Apple App Store is the biggest place to buy apps, right? Well, actually both of these statements are 100% wrong, as the title for both of these honours goes to Android, which has the most users and the most amount of apps for people to choose from. Bet you didn’t know that, eh?!

The fact that Android is so popular and takes up such a large amount of the marketplace means that all mobile casinos have had to ensure that their slots work on Android phones, which they have done very well indeed. Android offers just as much as the iPhone can and even, in some areas, a little bit more. We aren’t saying that iPhones are rubbish: we’re just saying that Android phones are equally as impressive as their more famous cousins!

So, what exactly can Android slots offer to you? Well, read on to find out – just don’t go throwing your iPhone out the window yet though, as we promise that both are very similarly matched!

Great Graphics

Android phones are well known to be powerful, and therefore they give players the chance to experience mobile slots with the best graphics – something that ensures that the player gets the most amount of fun possible from their mobile gambling! This is especially true when it comes to the more complex themes that have lots going on, as you’ll want a clear view of the action here to make sure that you are getting everything right. Don’t worry though iPhone fans: your phone is equally as good when it comes to graphics!

Monte Carlo Slot by mFortune on Android

Fast Internet

Obviously the speed of the internet you receive on your mobile phone will depend on a few things, such as where you are and whether you are connected to a Wi-Fi network or not. Every phone is differently suited to the internet though, and it just so happens that those running the Android operating system are very well suited indeed! You might be wondering what internet speed has to do with how good a mobile slot is though, and the answer comes in two parts:

  • If the mobile casino uses an app to allow you to play, then having a faster internet speed means that it will download faster. There’s nothing worse than wanting a new app but having to wait for ages for it to download!
  • If the mobile casino plays through your browser, then your internet speed is obviously going to need to be good – if it isn’t then you’ll get lagging and a poor experience overall.

So, internet speed is something that Android phones excel at and is another reason why you should certainly consider using Android slots! Yet again though, don’t start pulling your hair out iPhone owners – your phone has great internet too…

iPhone Slot by Spin3

Loads of Apps

So, the last two points have proved that Android more than holds its own against the might of the iPhone, but where are they actually better than their fruit-based friend? Well, the area of apps is probably the one place they hold a real advantage because, as previously mentioned, the Android Marketplace (now, by the way, called Google Play) has the most amount of apps in the world. This means that you’ll always be able to find the app you’re looking for here, whether it’s an Android slot or something to help you play better. Just be warned though, as some of the apps on the Android Marketplace aren’t great, due to the fact that it is less regulated than the App Store.

So, as you can see Android slots are a great way to fulfil your desire to have a spin of the reels wherever you are. We aren’t saying that you should go out and buy an Android phone just for this though: all we are saying is that if you do own an Android phone, you should know that you are very lucky indeed!

Real Money Slots

Unfortunately, neither the App Store nor Google Play allow real money iPhone slots or Android slots (or any other real money gambling games for that matter). On Android, however, you’ll find tonnes of demo versions of real-money slots. Just search for slots in the marketplace. In these demo versions, you’ll be offered to download the real money version!

Nearly all games featured on our site are iPhone and Android compatible. Head on over to the casino or game reviews