Bwin Manchester United Casino App In partnership with, Manchester United launched an app boasting slots, casino games much more this week and has become the first British Football club to boast a real money casino app. While it’s not always the case that ‘first means best’, Man United have had a pretty good go at creating an attractive playing environment and in many ways have been very successful.

About the App

Officially, the new casino app is called: ‘bwin Manchester United Casino’, but there’s little doubt that – at least colloquially – the name will lose its ‘bwin’ prefix (though that’s an important prefix and I’ll talk more about it later).

The best thing about the app is that the branding goes so much deeper than just the logo and colouring. Players have been promised a Manchester United Casino and that’s exactly what they’re being given. The app is a full HD and 3D Manchester United environment. The backdrop is a realistic rendering of the club’s home ground – Old Trafford – with the games nestled in between images and icons which evoke the spirit of Man U.

The games on offer aren’t exactly revolutionary (a handful of slots augmented with blackjack, roulette and a number of other casino games) but the way you play them is. You’re hosted in the casino by the voices of real-life Manchester United players and they even guide you through the games. There are very few reasons not to love the app, whether you’re a United fan or not.Bwin Manchester United Casino Screenshot

The good news for Android players is that the app is already downloadable on Android devices and playable anywhere in the UK. There has been an iOS version announced, but bwin and Man U have clearly got their priorities straight.

Why a Mobile Casino?

While this may be the first real money casino of its kind, its release comes just weeks after Manchester United launched its very own social poker product, which allowed players to enjoy branded poker for free from anywhere in the world. The real money casino can basically be seen as the next logical step for the and Manchester United partnership.’s Sam Sad spoke of the new casino and it’s goal to offer Man U fans the chance to enjoy unique gaming experiences on the go, which chimed with their passion for the beautiful game. He spoke of how and United wanted to “create something entirely new and standout in our industry that will appeal to both Manchester United fans and casino players looking for superior graphics and gameplay”.

Whether they have achieved this is up to the United fans and casino players to decide, but a modest first look at the app suggests they’ve pulled it out of the bag.

Partnership with

Though this is the first real money mobile venture Manchester United and have taken together, their partnership goes all the way back to 2012, when took over the in-stadium betting for the football club. Since then, they have been working on creating fun and unique customer experiences, both at the grounds and online. is a great choice of partner for Manchester United. While it may currently be dogged by financial troubles, the operator has some of the best experience in both sports betting, mobile casinos and mobile app creation, bringing the perfect trifecta for Man U’s needs. Players and fans alike are surely going to be excited to see what comes next from this partnership between the two giants.