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Mobile Slots Review

As much as we enjoy playing mobile slots, we love taking them apart bit by bit and writing up mobile slots reviews. After all, there are so many factors at play when it comes to mobile slots. From the way they look, feel and play, to the features that are designed into it and the payout potential, mobile slots are quite complex and multi-layered. That’s why we think you’ll appreciate our mobile slots reviews – giving you clear guidance on which mobile slots to hit and which to miss. After all, we love playing mobile slots because it’s not just about entertainment, but making some cash too. So, look out for the highest payout percentages and the most financially rewarding features and you’ll be on the right track.

Why do you need to read mobile slots reviews?

It’s simple: you need to know which online casino games to play to profit and we have years of expertise to sniff out such mobile slots. So every single time you swing by MobileSlots4U to read through a mobile slots review, you’ll not only benefit from our knowledge of video slots, but will also find out which games are worthy your attention and which ones should be destined for the virtual dumpster. Not all mobile slots are created equal and some offer poor return to player percentages or lack features that we’d deem to be fair to the player. We’ll ensure to point out all of the pros and cons in our mobile slots reviews, so that you know which slots you should steer clear of.

Three things to look for in new slots

We base our mobile slots reviews on three main factors that we think each mobile game should have. First and foremost, it should strike the right balance and have a return to player percentage that’s high enough to entice players from all walks of life. We hate having to write a mobile slot review for a game that offers just 94% RTP – that’s simply not fair or just to the people who spin those reels. Software developers have shown time and time again that RTP percentages in excess of 96% are very reasonable to expect. Second, we think that not only the features themselves either make or break a slot, but also having the right balance of them. As you’ll see in our mobile slot reviews, we explore the features of mobile slots extensively and nothing disappoints us more than having no notable ones. And no, wilds don’t count as a feature! On the flip side, having six bonus games, free spins, multipliers and a wheel of fortune in a single mobile slot can also feel overwhelming and take away from the gaming experience. Third, the mobile slot should look visually appealing. Preferably, it should have outstanding graphics too, especially on mobile devices. While it might not seem as such an important thing, visuals are what you’re literally faced with when you’re playing slots on mobile device, so it has to look beautiful, run smoothly and have graphics that you don’t get bored of within a single day.

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