Six Acrobats

Test your lucky with the Goddess of Mercy in the Six Acrobats mobile slot by Microgaming, featuring 9 paylines

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Six Acrobats – Intro

The first thing that pops into my mind when I hear the word ‘Acrobats’ is that it compromises of a group of extraordinary humans with feats of balance, agility and coordination. They basically put on a mind-blowing show based on their set of skills as a form of entertainment to us ordinary beings. To say the least, I definitely did not expect to be amazed at what is to come in this Six Acrobats slot by Microgaming. Surprise, surprise.

Microgaming has once again made it to the spotlight with their creative ideas. Crafted with oriental hints, this slot has been designed with great attention to detail in all aspects. Similar to what you will see in an acrobatic performance, the animations and gameplay of this slot is smooth as silk and gracious at the same time. There is even the special guest appearance by the worshiped and respected Guan Yin Ma – known to Chinese as their God of Mercy, being the Golden Queen in the game who only brings good fortune.

About The Slot

First things first. The Six Acrobats slot is a 5 reel slot that is mated with 9 paylines. The stage entrance to watch these incredible stretchy human beings would require you to wager a minimum of 9p and this number may go all the way up to £22.50 per spin. Compared to many other Microgaming slots, this game sports a smaller wagering range, but then again, who even wagers more than £22 per spin? Even so, with the ‘small-ish’ maximum wager of £22, players can potentially win up to a staggering 4,333 times their spin wager, so no complains whatsoever here.

Things get a little tricky here. Six Acrobats is a high variance slot, meaning that you will be experiencing low frequency payouts throughout your gameplay. On one hand, the wagering range seems to cater towards casual players but the volatility of the game simply doesn’t. Only slot enthusiasts and more serious players will enjoy games that are more volatile. At the very least, the wins from the few payouts are high, so if you have a little patience, you should be alright.

Microgaming has set the Return to Player (RTP) rate of this game at 96.5%, a significant bump over many of its peers and other games in the market. Given the higher risk profile with infrequent payouts, it’s nice to know that maintaining your bank balance is totally possible given that one can wait through the droughts before the wins start hitting.

Each individual in this team of acrobats will perform to their best abilities with their own unique talents. Aside from the usual playing cards, you will find five acrobats as symbols too, and expectedly, they are the high paying symbols in this game.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?

Forgive me Microgaming for saying this but what I thought looked like a gimmicky game has proved me massively wrong. Everything from the design of the symbols and animations have been choreographed to perfection. Even before you start playing Six Acrobats, you will be greeted by an introductory animation that will straight away put you in a gaming mood.

There onwards everything simply gets better. All five acrobats in this game play their part gracefully with Guan Yin Ma, the goddess of mercy doing her part by rewarding you with extra spins. The build-up of the excitement from the beginning is commendable.

I know I might be nit-picking here, but the only thing I wished that Microgaming paid more attention to is the soundtrack that accompanies the gameplay in this slot. It starts out alright, but becomes very repetitive very fast. Otherwise, gameplay of Six Acrobats is as smooth as it can get on all the devices that we have tested it on regardless of platforms. Note that this slot is mobile optimized, so players can enjoy this game fully even on the smallest of mobile phones.


Game Features


Return to player

Payout lines

Minimum bet (p)

Maximum bet (£)

Game Features: Win Multipliers, Extra Spins!

The Six Acrobats mobile slot by Microgaming keeps its players hooked via two bonus features, including its Wilds. Speaking of which, the Wild symbols in this game comes in the form of the Six Acrobats slot logo and will replace all other symbols on your reels to complete winning paylines. The Wilds are no ordinary Wilds either, every time they are responsible for completing a winning payline, all of your wins will be subject to a 5x win multiplier. This is pretty much where you will make back most of your money to maintain your bank balance.

It has been quite a while since I’ve stumbled upon a game that lavishes you with generous wins with its extra spins. In Six Acrobats slot, the Guan Yin Ma symbol acts as the scatters and will trigger the extra spins bonus feature for you. In specific, three, four and five scatter symbols will reward you with 15, 20 and 25 extra spins respectively.

Similar to that of the Wilds, all wins during the extra spins are subject to a 5x win multiplier, and if you are lucky enough to get Wilds during your extra spin rounds, the multipliers will be stacked to give you a colossal 25x win multiplier on your winnings. The good news doesn’t stop there – get more scatters during your extra spin rounds, and you will be rewarded more extra spins on the go.

Six Acrobats — Up to 25x Win Multipliers!

Here comes the moment of truth. Whilst we can all agree that the Six Acrobats slot is lacking in the bonus features department, it certainly excels in the profitability that the extra spins offer. Let’s be honest here – no way could anybody sane can think that extra spins alone can satisfy the millions of slot players out there. If in any case it is the only bonus feature, it has to offer way more than just extra spins, and this slot does that exact thing by paying out crazily.

Being a high variance slot, Six Acrobats is pretty eruptive and can be thrilling because once you get explosive big wins in the extra spins, every loss is thrown out the window like it never happened. Then, there are the Wild symbols. Granted, they are not thrown at you as generously as other games, but certainly come by often enough for you to fully utilise the 3x multiplier attached to them. Sometimes, reading these words do not even come close to the real deal. Play and find out.

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