whichbingo 2018This year (thankfully) there appears to be no general election due, but just in case you miss voting for things, you can take part in a very special event which will open 1st May and close on 31st of the same month.

This event is the WhichBingo Awards 2018 where you get to choose your favourite bingo operator of the year. Here’s a few websites we know of which we believe you should vote for.


ABC Bingo for Best Dragonfish Bingo Site

abcbingo2018You may not have visited ABC Bingo in a while and in case you haven’t you may have noticed, it’s had a bit of a revamp. Two years ago, it was a rather average bingo site. Nowadays, it’s a far superior specimen with a great website allowing players better access to game with stronger customer support.

We think that alone is worth a shot at the WhichBingo Awards 2018. It’s one of the best bingo sites you’ll find on the web. Visit ABC Bingo again and have another try then vote for it as the best Dragonfish Bingo site!


WOW Bingo for Best Cozy Games Bingo Site

WOW Bingo LogoThere’s not much to say about WOW Bingo other than… Wow! You already know this, given the brand’s ever-increasing popularity among bingo users, but WOW Bingo has a lot going for it to be nominated as the Best Cozy Games Bingo Site.

The Cozy software is solely responsible for this increasing fame. It uses it well and coupled with a generous welcome bonus, you can’t go wrong with WOW Bingo! If you agree with us, head over to the Which Bingo Awards and vote so it can win Best Cozy Game Bingo Site 2018!


Zingo Bingo for Best Jumpman Gaming Bingo Site

Zingo BingoPutting the zing into bingo, Zingo Bingo is the ultra-compelling bingo site that uses Jumpman Gaming software at its core. With warm and welcoming colour tones, Zingo Bingo’s greatness is made complete thanks to its generous bonuses.

All of this is topped off, of course, by the fantastic amount of game choices for the player to make a selection from. If you think this is what makes Zingo Bingo a WhichBingo Awards winner, then head over there and please vote!


How You Can Vote

In the mood to vote on who you believe could be the best bingo sites? That’s fantastic! Have your say over at WhichBingo Awards site and click on ‘Vote Now’ to cast your vote. You shall then have the ability to make pick your choice from drop-down menus for each category.

Please remember that voting closes on 31st May, giving you just one month to make your choice and have them counted. If you want these sites to get the recognition they deserve, then you should go and vote before it’s too late! If you miss it this time, you’ll have to wait a whole year before you can vote again, and we know you can’t wait until then. So please, get voting!