Ladbrokes LogoToday Ladbrokes Casino launched a brand new version of its mobile casino app. Promising massive improvements to the player experience, the new app has already been downloaded (or upgraded to) by over 30,000 players worldwide. What’s new to the app? How will it change the way you play? Are there drawbacks attached to its release? We’ve taken a look at the new app, and think we’re in a pretty strong position to answer all these questions.

What’s New?

Being one of the UK’s oldest bookmakers means that Ladbrokes is good at adapting, and was one of the first to make its way online and to mobile. This means that it’s had a pretty attractive mobile app out for quite some time, and a pretty state of the art one at that. Improvements, then, are less revolutionary, and more gradual.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the improvement in graphics; while it doesn’t exactly change the way you play, attractive lobbies are a key part of keeping players happy. Combined into that are faster load times – which, of course, you’ll love, and games which run faster and smoother. Generally there’s been a big tune up, but it doesn’t stop there. New push notifications – which will bring you news of new games, the launch of new promotions and other important info – are also an addition to the app.

How Will You Benefit?

Apart from the obvious of having a faster, more reliable app, we reckon what will really make the difference is those push notifications. Not only do the push notifications mean that you don’t actually have to go to the app to find out what’s going on – reducing the risk of you missing an amazing promotion, or not playing a great new game – the notifications are personalised to you!

Taking note of your playing preferences and gaming behaviour, all the notifications you get will be tailored to you and your needs, making sure that you hear about the games and offers that will really matter to you. The reverse is also true; irrelevant notifications can be incredibly boring – this way you ensure you only hear of things if you’re genuinely going to care.

What’s The Drawback?

Honestly, while every element of change is an improvement on the previous app offering, so far the only thing we can really complain about is the fact that the new app is only available on iOS. While an Android rollout is planned over coming months, with the majority of mobile casino players being Android users these days, it seems a little regressive to launch a new app only for Apple products.

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