Silent Movie Slot by IGT LogoThe beginning of summer will be full of new mobile slot releases and now IGT has added another one to the bunch. Silent Movie mobile slot is launching on the 9th of June and it will take all of the iconic classic films of the old silver screen and bring it straight to the screens of our desktops and mobiles. Oh, and since the movies back then were in black and white and silent, the same will be true of the mobile slot. We love the authenticity, but will it be a success or a major flop? We break down the video preview to find out.


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Classic Movies That Bring Big Wins

IGT have published a video a couple of days ago, previewing the upcoming Silent Movie mobile slot, and it reveals a considerable amount of information about this game.Silent Movie Slot by IGT - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Feature

Of course, the first thing that meets the eye is that it’s pretty monochrome with just a few flashes of colour here and there. While that won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and definitely even less so on a small mobile phone screen, we can see that there would be some appeal to it.

It certainly adds to the authentic feel of the cinema back then, slightly glitchy and with a abhorrent video quality that no sane modern person would put up with. Yet, we shouldn’t exclude those among us who love ancient films – we’re guessing a very small number indeed. If you’re one of them, you should celebrate for IGT has created a mobile slot that’s the perfect match for you.

Oh and don’t forget about the fact that the screen is ‘flashing’ all the time, kind of as the old movies became brighter and then faded each and every second. That must have had something to do with the actual film reel or the technology around it, but we’re not sure it adds to the gameplay experience – annoying is one word for it!

Old Theme, New Features

Whereas the theme is quite dated, albeit unique in the online gambling world, the features that were highlighted in the preview video are what make this mobile slot bearable. Here are some key facts of Silent Movie mobile slot:

  • Silent Movie Slot by IGT - Muddy Romance FeatureFive reels each with three symbols
  • 30 paylines – scope for big wins!
  • Four different extra spins bonuses each with an extra goodie thrown in
  • Ticket booth game before each bonus round to determine how many extra spins or which multiplier you’ll be starting with
  • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – potion guarantees winning spins
  • A Trip To The Moon – adds extra Wild symbols
  • A Muddy Romance – adds extra Scatter wins
  • Keystone Kops – doubles the bonus multiplier

All in all, not a bad set of features. So if extra spins is what it will take to get your mind off the fact that it’s a pretty flat mobile slot theme-wise, you’ll be happy. Plus, there are some welcome flashes of colour every once in a while to prevent you from going insane, thinking that you’ve suddenly became colour-blind in the 21st century.

Listen, this game is no Family Guy, a super-modern and overly vibrant new release by IGT, and it definitely isn’t as exciting or innovative as the Siberian Storm, but Silent Movie will definitely appeal to those who already had a soft spot for old movies. But are those people even gambling on their mobiles? While we have strong doubts, time will tell if IGT’s gamble had paid off.

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