Slingo Extreme LogoIt's quite possibly some of the most exciting news that we could be publishing, apart from letting you know about all the no deposit bonuses that we can get our hands on of course. Spin Genie mobile casino has gone and reinvented its exclusive game of Slingo Riches, but it's not just a new, fiery ‘skin' that the game's gotten to be called Slingo Extreme. It's a game of higher stakes and higher gains, and it features a massive £50,000 jackpot too. We know you can't wait to hit the full house!


Try Out Slingo Extreme at Spin Genie Casino!

We all love this game that crosses bingo and video slot genres. Not only is it unique to the mobile gambling industry, but it's also really entertaining to play and quite addictive too. So why not claim the 100 extra spins (no deposit) and check this new game out?


What's different?

Clearly, as the name indicates, the game is much more extreme and volatile than the regular Slingo Riches that we've all come to know and love. That's great news for those who liked playing the regular game, but wished for it to have more oomph. Well, here you absolutely have it with Slingo Extreme and things are done slightly differently in this edition of the game:Slingo Extreme Gameplay Screenshot

  • Quite clearly, the payouts are different. While getting a full house on Slingo Riches can get you a hefty £20,000, your winning potential is pushed to the max when a full house occurs on Slingo Extreme, bringing you a whopping £50,000 prize
  • The number of the free spins is double than that on Slingo Riches and stands at 8. Once your regular 11 spins are up and depending on how many extra spins you've accumulated, you can buy the remaining spins out of your balance. The total cannot exceed 8, so if you receive 5 extra spins during gameplay, you can purchase 3 extra spins out of pocket


And what's the same?

Of course, reskinning a game and presenting it as new wouldn't really be possible without keeping some of the gameplay elements exactly as they were and which players enjoyed. Here are the things that you will find on both Slingo Riches and Slingo Extreme:

  • An innovative 5×5 grid that resembles a bingo ticket
  • 11 spins for each game. These are spun during regular gameplay with hopes of landing a ‘Slingo'  – a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line with all five numbers matching the ones called out, just like in bingo
  • The bet sizes are exactly the same, ranging from just 25p to £100, so that everyone can find the right bet for them
  • Scatter multipliers and payouts are exactly the same. Three pay £50, four pay 200 and five pay £500
  • All the features are the same – jokers, super jokers, coin symbols which award cash prizes, the devils which can block potential reel matches and the angels that can save your money


So which game should I play?

There really is no one answer to fit in with everyone's needs. If you have always loved playing Slingo Riches just the way it is and don't need the raised stakes because the prizes on offer fully satisfy your wishes, then continue playing the regular version of the game. Meanwhile, if you've always longed for a quicker pace and a high-stakes environment and Slingo Riches was too much of a mellow fellow, then you better get really excited about Slingo Extreme!

But in the end, does it even matter? Whichever game you play, you get 100 extra spins without depositing at Spin Genie, more about which you can read in our Spin Genie review. Plus, there is a 100% bonus match on your first deposit of up to £100 and a 50% cash match on your second deposit of up to £100. Last but not least, mobile phone deposits are available at Spin Genie and that's, hands down, the most convenient way to do your mobile banking, so get cracking!


Try Out Slingo Extreme at Spin Genie Casino!