NetEnt LogoNetEnt has been named the recipient of the Digital Gaming Innovation of the Year award at this year’s Global Gaming awards. The awards took place, appropriately enough, at the Global Gaming Expo 2014, in the gambling Mecca that is Las Vegas. I thought we could take a minute to look at what this award is, and why NetEnt has become the very first company to be honoured with it at what is the inaugural ceremony of these awards.

What Does The Award Mean?

In its most basic sense, the Innovation of the Year award is being given to NetEnt both because of the creativity it demonstrates in all of its game releases, and the high quality of professional execution it demonstrates in the development of each of its releases. An independent panel of 50 industry experts decided that of all gaming developers around the world, NetEnt had shown the most innovative games development in the last 12 months.

What’s Has NetEnt Done So Far?

Gonzo's Quest Slot Game LogoTwo years ago, way back in 2012, NetEnt announced that it would be releasing at least one new game every month for the foreseeable future. Obviously this was a hugely bold claim, and the mobile and online gaming community was understandably less than credulous. Not only could creating so many games be unfeasible in terms of manpower, but the idea of having the imagination to design so many brand new titles was simply beyond many in the industry.

NetEnt has stayed true to its word, however, and both online and mobile games have been chugging out of their production rooms at least once a month ever since. Fears about the quality of the games have also been proved wrong, with the company managing to produce instant classic after instant classic, like Lights Touch, Gonzo’s Quest, Twin Spin and South Park all proving that the creators at NetEnt are nothing if not imaginative.

What’s Next?

The news of this award comes at a great moment for NetEnt, as they enter what could be the most prosperous month since they made their commitment to a game every 4 weeks. Not only will this October see the company release one game, but rather it will be the month where they smash their release record and launch a whopping 6 games, at least 2 of which will be available instantly on mobile.

South Park: Reel Chaos Slot Game LogoYou’ll need to mark the 23rd of October 2014 in your diary as a hugely important date in the history of NetEnt. Not only will the South Park slot game sequel – Reel Chaos – hit your handsets, we’ll also see Blackjack Classic Touch become available to mobile players. On top of that, NetEnt plans to release 4 new poker games for desktop users, bringing the total game count for a single day (let alone a single month) up to a whopping 6! It really is no wonder that the gaming industry has chosen to highlight NetEnt’s innovation in such a public way. I for one cannot wait for the 23rd.


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