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We have more than a month left to prepare for the release of Wild Chase mobile slot by Quickspin and we’ll definitely need it to gather all our strength! Hitting the casinos on the 12th of April, Wild Chase is a quick-paced slot all about the ultra-luxurious life, filled with diamonds, powerful cars, pretty girls and cash of course. And you could be on your way to getting all of that by triggering wins, re-spins and bonus rounds on this five reel machine. Let’s take a closer look in this Wild Chase mobile slot preview.

Play Wild Chase At Thrills Casino As Soon As It Launches!

Just a few weeks ago, Genie’s Touch was released by Quickspin and we had great fun playing in this alluring Arabian Nights slash Magic Genie themed slot. But now, let’s switch gears and ponder the newest of Quickspin’s games called Wild Chase.


Piggy-Backing On NetEnt’s Drive?

We know that it’s pretty hard to come up with a theme that’d be unique in the super-saturated mobile slot market. But it appears that Quickspin didn’t bother to look far when searching for a theme for their new title – Wild Chase Quickspin Slot Introthe Wild Chase. First things first, the game is visually appealing and a lot of work has clearly been put into the design. Yet, as you can probably suspect, this game involves heist-type car chases.

Sure – there are diamonds, palm fronds, beaches and pretty ladies that set the mood, but it’s essentially a car themed slot that has made us call into question the intention of releasing Wild Chase on April 12st, just a month after NetEnt’s Drive: Multiplier Mayhem was launched.

We’re not saying that Quickspin are copying the driving ‘Need for Speed’esque slot theme with this speedy car racing (and racy looking females), but out of the two slot themes, we think we’d pick Drive.

Wild Chase Features

Wild Chase Quickspin Slot WildsAnd that’s because from what information is available about Wild Chase at the moment, it appears that it lacks balance and innovation in terms of features and bonuses. While Drive: Multiplier Mayhem offers a certain level of interactivity with the Nitro feature in the Extra Spins mode, Wild Chase is a simple slot with all your regular features and nothing extra.

This makes us feel like we cannot properly interact with the slot, something we’ve come to expect from all new games. So there is no levelling up, unlocking bonuses and exploring new content in Wild Chase, but there are the following features:

  • 5 reels and 25 paylines
  • Bet from 25p to £100 
  • Low/medium variance
  • Wilds and Multiplying Wilds
  • Free re-spins after winning combo
  • Scatters that can trigger 10 Extra Spins
  • Multiplying Wilds guaranteed in Extra Spins mode

Worth Playing?

Well, it all depends on what sort of a game you’re after. If you like the theme and the gameplay that it offers, plus you don’t mind the apparent lack of interactive or engaging features, then by all means be our guest and enjoy Wild Chase as soon as it comes out on April 12th. You will have a great time checking out the handful of features that boost profitability, but be warned that Wild Chase could quickly become monotonous.

Wild Chase Quickspin Slot Big WinWhile it remains unclear as to what the return to player percentage be, the volatility of this slot can be plotted right around the low/medium mark. This means that you won’t win much and you won’t gain as much either if you have a balanced betting tactic. You could bump up your wagers and hope for the bonus rounds to pop up, but again, it could get repetitive pretty soon.

All that said, it’s a crowd-pleasing game. Simple, good looking, unsophisticated and packaged in an accessible low/medium variance format, Wild Chase is bound to find its loyal following. However, we aren’t sure that the world was in dire need of another car slash luxury life slash spy slot that offers little more than your regular mobile slot features. Note to Quickspin: next time, more innovation and unique gaming solutions, please!

Play Wild Chase At Thrills Casino As Soon As It Launches!