Guns N' Roses by NetEntWhether or not you’ve heard of it, the ICE Totally Gaming Convention has touched the lives of every single person who has ever engaged with online or mobile casinos. The annual conference that takes place in London, and acts as a showcase for the industry’s latest games, platform and innovations. Yesterday was the first day of the conference, and the biggest bit of excitement surrounds an announcement and unveiling from NetEnt, who – it was revealed – will soon be releasing a Guns N’ Roses themed game.

About the Game

You know what Guns N’ Roses is. Sure, you may not be into classic rock, and the all black might not be your look, but there’s literally no way that the band’s entire existence has just managed to just pass you by. The style, sound and branding of the group are so iconic that it’s been repeatedly given the accolade of biggest band in the world.

Styling, sound and branding? Where are they always incredibly important? Oh, that’s right, in mobile slots. Infusing a slot with moody red and black tones, pumping out strained guitar riffs and slapping about the classic pistol and flower logo of the band all over sounds pretty much like you’d need to do to make a slot that appeals to Guns N’ Roses fans. Plaster all that on top of a NetEnt game engine, and it sounds like you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

So far we don’t actually know what the slot is going to look like, but I reckon we’ve got quite a good idea what it will sound like. Owing to its creators, we also know that there’s basically no way it’ll be a flop; NetEnt has been showered with awards this year, and that doesn’t happen unless you demonstrate consistency.

To be honest, despite the fact that details about this game a pretty thin on the ground – something that did not go unmentioned on the games forums – that might not really matter, especially when one considers that the main aim of this announcement wasn’t about the nitty gritty, but rather the broad coverage…

Why Reveal at ICE?

ICE Total Gaming LogoWith NetEnt games all over the place, it does beg the question why you need such a big announcement, rather than just quietly putting out the game. Not only did the conference give consumers and other industry player the very first glimpse of the game, but for the vast majority of people, it is the first they’ve heard of its existence at all. The ICE Conference is the perfect place to make an announcement like this, because you know the news is going to reach a massive audience in absolutely no time.

The eyes of the gaming world are focused at the conference. Not only do you have the chance to demonstrate your game to everyone from top industry executives down to the smallest games blogger. Representatives from media companies are 10 a penny, meaning that there’s going to be news of the game all over place by now (like here, for instance).

Whether or not Guns N’ Roses is going to be a good game, the coverage it will have enjoyed by being launched at ICE will ensure that it is at least quite successful.