Block SMS Billing People go on and on about how SMS billing deposits are some of the easiest and user friendly ways to deposit at mobile casino. They’re super-fast, convenient and secure, and seen by many as the ultimate tool for mobile casino gamblers. However, not everyone loves mobile phone bill depositing, and for some reason or another, players at some point might decide that they would rather block premium SMS services from their phone to prevent further mobile deposits. In this guide we’ll look at what that means for players, and how they can achieve it.


Reasons To Block SMS Billing

Get A Handle On Spending

One of the most commonly reported reasons for wanting to stop having access to mobile phone bill deposits is that some players are worried they can’t keep track of how much they’re spending if they’re simply able to deposit from their phone bill. It’s always important to know exactly how much you’re spending on gambling, so if you’re struggling due to SMS billing, it may be a good idea to block the service. However, before you do, check at the casinos you’ve been playing at, as they should have kept a record of your deposits for you.

Problem Gambling

GamCare Problem Gambling Support LogoProblem gambling is a serious affliction that can affect anyone. It’s characterised with an inability to control one’s behaviour when it comes to gambling, and can lead to severe problems in people’s lives. One of the most effective ways to stem problem gambling is to simply remove your ability to gamble, and for those who use SMS billing at mobile casinos, removing their ability to gamble may include blocking the premium SMS service from their phone.

Shared Phone

The less likely, but also possible reason someone might want to prevent any premium SMS services from being used is if more than one person has access to a single device or if they’re providing a phone for someone else, like a child. In these instances, blocking SMS billing is a great way to ensure you’re not surprised by any unwanted and unexpected payments.


Things To Bear In Mind Before Blocking Mobile Deposits

The Service Already Has Limits

boku-depositing-limits-dailyIf you’re trying to use premium SMS blocking to prevent yourself from over spending at mobile casinos, you might want to reconsider, given that SMS billing already has some pretty strict limits you’re unlikely to want to be lower. For each transaction, you’re only able to deposit up to £10, and there’s a daily limit of £30. For many mobile phone service operators, that £30 limit is also their monthly limit.

This Blocks ALL Mobile Payments via Premium SMS

Though mobile casino gambling is by far the most common application for most players who use premium SMS payments, there are plenty of other reasons you might want to use them. They’re great for making small purchases for other things, or for paying small amounts to various different vendors. You can’t single out gambling services when you block premium SMS services, instead, you have to block all possible premium SMS payments, so bear that in mind before you charge right in.

It Is Reversible

This doesn’t have to be a permanent solution. If you want to try out blocking premium SMS payments for a short period of time, perhaps to see if it has any effect on how much you’re gambling, then that’s totally fine, and if you decide that it’s not working for you, you can always just unblock the service and start using again like normal. Of course, when you unblock it, the same old limits and restrictions will be in place, so you can’t just go mad with it.


How To Block Mobile Payments

Phone Billing Deposits Service Providers LogosUnlike other kinds of blocking at mobile casinos – such as self-exclusion – there’s nothing the casinos themselves can do to stop accepting a specific payment option. Short of self-excluding, there’s not really a way to block SMS billing payments through your casino. Similarly, services like Boku or PayForIt act simply as middlemen, and aren’t actually processing your payment themselves. The SMS billing services are actually provided via the network service operator you phone uses, meaning the likes of EE, Three or O2.

Because it’s you service operator who processes your payment, it’s them you have to contact if you want to block premium SMS services. All you need to do is simply call your service provider (usually just by dialling 150 from your handset) and requesting they block premium SMS services for your number. There should be no charge, should take effect immediately, and should be fully reversible if you call them up again.