Reel King Mobile Slot Game LogoI was recently talking about how NetEnt has been succeeding in launching a brand new game every month since 2012, however, I’ve found another developer with a similar, and perhaps more exciting aim. It’s a little known fact, but Star Games has made a commitment to launching at least one of their existing games on mobile every week. This week the lucky game making its way to mobile has been the Novomatic slot Reel King – but was this game good enough to warrant its mobile makeover? 

Firstly, I’d like to point out how great I think Star Games’ commitment to new mobile games is. It means that we mobile players are guaranteed at least 4 new games a month, rather than MAYBE getting one from NetEnt once a month. I’d love to see more of this kind of thing. Anyway, I digress.

Does the name sound familiar?

You might already have heard of ‘Reel King’, and this is due to the fact that it’s a game you’ll have been able to find on slot machines throughout Europe. Novomatic have had huge success with this slot, and a big part of this is the simplicity of the slot; it echoes traditional fruit machines, and this has translated well to the mobile version.

The 5 reel, 20 payline slot appeals to the naïve player within us all who craves simplicity. While the virtues of super complicated slots like Candy Cash from Pocket Fruity definitely have their place on our mobile, it’s often nice to dial back to familiar and ‘easy’ options.

But… it does have bonus features, right?

Reel King ScreenshotYeah, don’t worry. I may be banging on about ‘simplicity’, but this is 2014; simplicity is an iPhone 4. Reel King’s bonuses come in 2 forms: the jackpot being won randomly by the jackpot symbol filling up your screen and giving you 500x your bet, or the far, far more likely scenario of the Reel King symbol showing up somewhere on your reels and sending you to a mini game.

The name ‘mini game’ is really appropriate here, as you end up with three reels rather than five, and enjoy extra spins for cash. You might get as little as 10x what you’ve bet, but that 500x is still a possibility even here. This game might be relatively simple, but it can be a big payer.

Should I be playing this game?

Who am I to tell you what to play, other than a guy who spends all day researching, playing and writing about mobile slots? You have the key fact; if a game light on the features but high on the fun appeals, then go right ahead and check it out, otherwise, why not check out our new games category for other releases that might be more up your street?