Could notorious bookkeepers William Hill, change the way betting operators advertise? This is a question we, honestly, didn’t think we would ask! But we have now, thanks to Will Hill trialing their interactive shop window in Cheltenham.

It may just be that people in Cheltenham really like interactive media but it’s more than likely that it was extremely well-made and drew people in. Regardless, it would appear that it was a roaring success with the crowd. So what does this mean for the gambling industry, in particular mobile players?


Testing The Waters

william hillSo what exactly did this interactive advertising campaign involve? Basically, a lot of holograms of horses and jockeys with a lot of special effects thrown in. The idea, initially, was to try out a new way of advertising for passers-by on the street as well as creating buzz at the Cheltenham Festival. It utilized a 3D graphic interface that really drew in the crowds in a way that William Hill were not expecting.

The chief customer officer at William Hill, Cem Miralay, commented: “The campaign has exceeded all our expectations; the window displays created a real buzz and the feedback from customers and passers-by alike has been very positive.”

The project was led by marketing agency Savvy who were in charge of bringing the trial to seven stores across the country, mostly in major UK cities like Sunderland, Leeds and Birmingham. Another spokesman claimed that the project was looking for alternative ways of bringing brand awareness to the player.


Changing The Status Quo

tables turningFor many marketing agencies at large, interactive advertising has been a growing and massively successful trend. It is a truly modern and 21st Century way of increasing brand awareness among consumers. However, the mobile gambling industry (and the gambling industry in general) has been slow on the uptake. This conservative approach means they have been left behind somewhat, despite the gambling industry now going mobile.

William Hill intends to change all that. With its holographic interface for its shop-window advertising, it brings the gambling market into the modern age. It helps, of course, that they are one of the largest and oldest bookmakers in the UK.

Their promotion schemes, too, aren’t half bad and they offer more than just sports betting. On their website, you can find slots, live casino games, bingo and scratch cards. Their versatility shows that they have a future in the gambling industry and they may have just changed the face of it.


How This Affects Mobile Players

This is all well and good, you may be thinking, but how does this affect mobile players? After all, interactive street advertisement might draw punters into the betting shop but certainly not to your mobile screen! Well, don’t be so sure, dear reader. More interactive advertising in the real world will lead to more interactive advertising on mobile and other digital media. This is especially true for both mobile and brick and mortar casinos like William Hill!

And think about it… Interactive advertisements much easier to do online than it is in real life. In fact, it’s widely spread already! Simply clicking on an advertisement is a form of interaction. Imagine what else can be achieved, especially with online gambling, when companies push to make things not only better, but far more exciting.