pay by phone ewHere at MobileSlots4U have gone on and on about how great pay by phone billing is for mobile casinos. And with good reason, too! It’s a fast and easy method to use, making it especially convenient for mobile players. It cuts out all the bull when it comes to filling out forms or joining an e-wallet service just to digitally transfer funds into your wagering account.

But is it all that it’s cracked up to be? Do we and other sites give pay by phone billing too much credit? While we try not to be biased most of the time, we won’t deny that it does colour our perception somewhat.


Why Pay By Phone Billing is Good

thumb-up-terminatorSo, to straighten things out, and to save you reading our dozen other articles saying the same thing, we’re going to explain exactly what so many people like about pay by phone billing. The primary reason is the fact it is completely accessible to anyone with a mobile phone.

To make a deposit at a casino using pay by phone billing, all players have to do is text an amount to the number provided then verify the payment. The money can then be taken from their pay-as-you-go credit balance or added to their monthly bill.

This is advantageous for a whole number of reasons. For one, it’s super convenient. It means you don’t even need a credit card to be able to put down a deposit with your casino. This really comes in handy when you’ve lost your card, don’t have a PayPal account or just want to make a quick and easy payment with zero fuss. It almost sounds too good to be true!


The Drawbacks

mobile deposit casinoAnd it is. No system in existence is without flaw and the drawbacks that come with the convenience of pay by phone billing aren’t numerous but limiting all the same. For one, many casinos treat it as though it’s a “last resort” or option that is there as a stepping stone towards other payment methods.

Pay by phone billing may well be a good introductory way of allowing new players to get on board with depositing, however, most people are very stingy when it comes to more conventional money transfer methods. Doing it over the phone feels less safe (even though it’s just as safe as every e-wallet) and serves more as a deterrent rather than a safety cushion.

Also, the fact that all mobile network companies put a daily limit of £30 on pay by phone billing can be a hindrance for many who like to make larger bets.



So is pay by phone billing overrated? Maybe a little, but we wouldn’t say that the praise it gets is unfounded. It has flaws, like everything else. But we do agree that it’s problematic to not acknowledge those flaws.

This should be done with anything as it does not allow room for improvement and comes across as brown-nosing. On the other hand, pay by phone billing certainly is a great way to make a deposit and we couldn’t be happier that it exists!