666Bet ClosureIt’s official: 666Bet and its subsidiary Metro Play (of The Metro newspaper) have ceased operations. Those of you who have been with us tracking the troubles of the two casinos over the last month and a half will know that this isn’t exactly shocking news. Yet, it still comes as a blow to both of the casinos, as well as the loyal players who genuinely enjoyed playing at the sites. Once all player money is refunded, that’s it for 666Bet and MetroPlay.

Giving up the Ghost

The reasons that it’s taken so long for the sites to admit defeat aren’t exactly clear. I suspect there was some hope that the casinos may have had their licenses reinstated and been able to begin operations again, but I also think there was probably a big element of stubbornness as they didn’t want to accept it was ‘game over’.

In our last post on the topic, we discussed how there was a “light at the end of the tunnel”, and while that may sound like a positive thing, that was really only referring to players being able to withdraw their funds from the casinos using Skrill. This, if any, would have been more of a blow to the sites than good news, as it really meant they were on the way out.

Any Risk for Players?

There shouldn’t be. Everything I said in my last article still stands: if you’ve got money in an account at either 666Bet or Metro Play, you should be able to claim it back. You’ll need to have a Skrill account to accept the funds, but setting one up is a doddle if you don’t already have one.

The hardest thing for you to do now is to decide where you’re going to start playing next. You could check out the new casinos we feature here at MobileSlots4U or you could check out the casino reviews over on our sister site Droid Slots to help you decide.