It’s the place where many people eagerly spin the virtual reels of their favourite mobile fruit machine games; a place often occupied by silence and waiting; a place where much time is spent getting rid of … things, but now has actually added weight to someone in its presence. We’re talking, of course, about the toilet! This usually quiet, semi-sacred location was erupting with shouts and hooray’s recently (which must have sounded weird to many passer-bys) when an anonymous mFortune player won a huge jackpot, while taking a massive… break (easy now).

The birth of a mobile slot legend

The player, who requested to be unnamed (for some reason), admitted to friends that when he won the day-changing £30,735.00 Vegas Vegas jackpot, he was on the commode. After hearing about this unique situation and trying to dismiss the awkward mental image that accompanied the news, his friends spread the word and our anonymous winner’s legend has been growing ever since.

Man's hand in white toilet

Evolving norms in gambling culture (to put it lightly)

While this story seems unusual and a bit bizarre, it also sheds light on all the places mobile gambling is spreading to. I doubt the creators of the big Las Vegas casinos of the 1950s or 1960s could have ever imagined a time when a slot machine would accompany a player to one of the most intimate of places. Nor would they have imagined a time when someone could win so much money outside (way outside) the confines and familiarities of a physical casino floor!

Screenshot of Vegas Vegas by mFortune

In front of a slot machine: no longer the only place to sit and win

Mobile casinos, and particularly mobile slot playing, is taking off in popularity. In the last 2 years, millions of people have discovered the vast entertainment and winning possibilities available through mobile slots games. We’re not sure how much more accommodating gambling can get than allowing a player to win thousands of pounds from the comfort of his or her throne, but with the progressively advancing capabilities of mobile casinos, we guess anything is possible!

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