mobile-phone-payment-guideJanuary is coming to an end, which means that you’ve probably broken all new years resolutions you set yourself too. People will be back in the pubs and off the diets before we know it, but have you considered a different lifestyle change? We’re talking about how you deposit at casinos, obviously. For many, depositing is the most arduous part of their casino experience. It stops you from getting stuck into playing straightaway and, if you’re still using traditional card methods, can be worrisome for those who are concerned about internet fraud. Luckily, most casinos now offer a wealth of depositing methods, including mobile deposits. So, is it time you made a change?


If You’re Worried About Fraud

boku-mobile-logoIf you’re worried about internet fraud or just dislike sharing your bank details online, then Boku is the best option for you. Boku is a mobile billing service which, instead of charging your deposits to your bank account, uses your monthly phone bill or existing phone credit. It’s the perfect option for those who are concerned about being safe and secure on the internet, as you don’t need to input any sensitive details.

You deposit with Boku by simply entering your mobile number. After that, you’ll receive a confirmation text message and, when you respond, the payment is complete. Boku works in partnership with UK mobile phone networks so at the end of the month, the payment will be tacked on to your phone bill. It’s also fee free, ridiculously fast and simple to use.


If You’re Fed Up With New Accounts

PayPal LogoIf you’re tired of having to start a new account, with a new login and password, every time you sign up for something online, then PayPal may be the best depositing service for you. You do have to sign up for a PayPal account if you want to make a deposit via this method, but the good news is that PayPal can be used across almost every e-commerce site. This includes buying clothes, groceries, paying for bills and more.

It means that once you have an account you only have the one set of login details whenever you want to make a payment – far easier than remembering a 78th username. When you use PayPal you simply need to login to the account to make a payment. No card details are entered to the casino directly, which also saves you time.


If You Want To Go ‘Off The Grid’

paysafecard-logo-2014Many people are now looking into new ways to make sure their online activity cannot be tracked. We don’t mean this in a dodgy way, but online privacy is a big issue now. Similarly, more and more people are shunning banks too. If you’re one of these people, then depositing via Paysafecard could be your new favourite way to pay. Paysafecard is a pre-paid card service, which allows you to deposit using a voucher code.

You can top up the card with cash in a retail outlet and then will be given your code. Then, when you deposit with Paysafecard, you can enter the code. This means you don’t need to enter personal details into your casino account. It’s perfect for those who are paid in cash, or if you’re one of the growing number of ‘unbanked’ people within the UK.


If You’re Looking For the Next Big Thing

Bitcoin logoBitcoin is a crypto-currency that’s used online to pay for things. It’s been around since 2009, but all experts are saying that 2017 could be the year it breaks into the mainstream. If you’re looking to be ahead of the curve, then depositing via Bitcoin is definitely for you.

Bitcoin was designed as a peer-to-peer payment service, which means they cut out the middle man. It’s also a decentralized currency, meaning there’s no government, bank or company in charge of the service. Instead, it’s community ran, which makes Bitcoin impervious to exchange rates, inflation and economic crises.

It’s also incredibly easy to set up a Bitcoin wallet, and all payments are anonymous and free. iGaming has been a huge catalyst for the growth in popularity of Bitcoin, and there’s now more casinos accepting Bitcoin than ever before. It’s a sure fire way to be on trend this year.