PayPal LogoA lot of us stick to inconvenient, pricey and time-consuming methods of depositing at mobile casinos, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve recently brought you our mobile phone billing review, but if you weren’t convinced that that’s the best banking method for you, perhaps you should consider PayPal. It was established 16 years ago, so it’s got the experience and the reputation that’s necessary to make your deposits at mobile casinos effortless and super-safe. 

What Is PayPal?

This worldwide online payments system was set up when the internet was still in its infancy and has been changing and developing to best match the needs and wishes of its customers. It began as a branch of eBay, but has since split from it and focused on innovating in the online and mobile payments industry.

Simply put, PayPal is an intermediate step between your bank account and your intended place of depositing, which means that your bank account details don’t have to be revealed and can be protected. It’s a brilliant alternative to using your credit or debit cards, which, although protected, are always vulnerable to threats online. No wonder that it’s one of the largest and most trusted online payment systems out there.

PayPal App Mobile

The Technology Behind It

Even though you might play at a trustworthy mobile casino site, and indeed 99.9% of the UK Gambling Commission approved and regulated sites are, you might still not want to divulge your bank account information to a third party.

That’s exactly where PayPal steps in and acts as the middleman between you and any online vendor out there. This online payments system has cut out all the clutter and hassle that’s there when you use credit and debit cards online; no more long numbers that you’ve got to triple check, no more expiration dates and security codes – all you need is a single PayPal account with its login details.

It’s that simple, that we feel weird about this section of the review being so short. Yet, that’s really all there is to it.

How To Use It

If you thought using mobile phone billing was the easiest depositing method, then you’re in for a surprise because PayPal can definitely give phone billing a run for its money. Not literally of course.

All you need is a PayPal account that’s as easy to set up as it is filling out an online form. After you’re logged in, you need to add a funding source, during which you will need to enter your bank card information, but that’s the first and last time you’ll have to do so. A card at any given bank can be added onto PayPal and there is also a simple verification process if you intend to deal with larger sums of money, such as sending in a scan of your utility bill to prove your address.

Not only is it very easy to set up and use, PayPal is also completely mobile-friendly, with it’s mobile app for both Android and iOS available in their respective app shops. You can do all the banking that you need via the app, yet if you need to remove or add a source of funding, you can only do that on a desktop computer.

The Pros

PayPal Safety LogoLet’s jump right in. The biggest pro of all is the safety that PayPal provides. We hope you’ve never had bad experiences with funds gone missing whilst banking at mobile casinos, but you can never be too safe. No other banking method takes safety more seriously than PayPal.

For example, using mobile phone billing is also very simple and easy, but it loses in the battle of safety when pitted against PayPal. PayPal keep all your financial information private and never divulges it to online retailers, including mobile casinos.

What’s more, PayPal’s transfers are very quick and you will see the money dropped into your mobile casino account almost instantaneously. Plus, the company draw funds directly and automatically from your bank account, so there is no need to manually top up, always wondering if you have sufficient funds or any of that. PayPal does all the work for you.

The Cons

thumbs-down-symbolAlthough it’s a brilliant way to do all of your online and mobile banking, it has some drawbacks as every other banking method too.

First of all, the verification process can be a pain, especially when they start demanding scans of your passport, utility bills and other documentation when you go over a pre-set amount of funds that’s processed through your account. Although this can be considered a con, it is also a way to make sure that no fraud happens on PayPal and governmental regulation is strict on demanding these kinds of checks and verifications. There’s no escaping that.

Furthermore, casinos often impose various minimum and maximum depositing and withdrawal limits on banking methods and PayPal is no exception. Before you choose to use PayPal as your preferred method of payment, make sure that you know the limits and think they are reasonable enough to work with.

Lastly, not exactly a con, but a more of a neutral point. Other than the extra added layer of information protection, PayPal isn’t much different from, say, other e-wallets, so think before you register for yet another account and get another set of login details to remember.


Approved StampAll in all, PayPal might not be as popular among mobile casino visitors as bank cards or e-wallets. However, given the easiness of using PayPal and it’s phenomenal success in providing a safe way to deposit at mobile casinos, we think that everyone should at least consider giving PayPal a fair shot.

You won’t need to reveal any sensitive financial information to the casino of your choice and you won’t have to spend precious minutes imputing long card or prepaid voucher numbers and will get to spend that time gaming instead.

After all, it’s success is certainly down to the fact that it has a good standing among its users, who trust PayPal to protect their financial information. That’s why more and more mobile casinos are starting to introduce it as a banking option. To help you out, we’ll compile a list of casinos where you can deposit by PayPal, so keep checking MS4U for your most up-to-date news and reviews of mobile gambling.