Betfred LogoNew casinos are great! We all love a first visit to a casino, and all know the perks that come from your first time (i.e. the bonuses and promotion casinos are keen to throw at you to reel you in and make you stay). Let’s be honest, though, we equally all have sites we like to visit again and again, and treat like we might a local pub; with familiarity, trust, and fondness. For us at least, Betfred Mobile Games is one of these casinos, so we thought we’d spend some time to share with you why we think that it should be the same for you.

We’re sure you’re wondering what it is that Betfred Mobile Games offers you to be worthy of your time and dedication. Well, for us it’s a combination of reasons: the number of games; the quality of the games; slick looks and running; and quality customer service. But of course not this alone is enough to keep you coming back, with is why it’s great that Betfred is constantly innovating, and adding new games from time to time to ensure that return gamers have something to keep them entertained.

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The Games

So, there are now 17 games available for you to play at Betfred Mobile games, which – although not a vast number – is a more than respectable number for any mobile casino, and more than enough for us to find something to play every time we swing. The mixture of games, too, offers a range of diversions, ensuring that every visit is both familiar and unique.

Choice games that we enjoy include some wildly successful slots such as Rainbow Riches, Da Vinci Diamonds, and Cleopatra, as well as some lesser known, but still equally fantastic games, like Treasures of Troy, Dungeons and Dragons, and Wolf Run. For lovers of classic table games, Betfred has you covered too – with a Roulette game, and a Poker variant available. If you check out this site, we’re sure you’ll agree how great this collection of games is. We find that we enjoy becoming familiar with these games, though enjoy that there’s little danger of ever getting bored of them, owing to the fact that there is just so much choice.

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The Look and FeelWoman Enjoying Betfred Mobile Games

One thing that sticks out when you’re thinking about any arm of the large (and growing) Betfred franchise is the strong brand identity that oozes from every orifice on every site (and not to mention in every shop). This is communicated in a big way thanks to the look and feel of the sites, and the Mobile Games branch of the Betfred tree is no different. The colour scheme is continuous throughout, and – although not the most flashy or glamorous look ever – is pleasing to the eye. On top of a great look, the site loads really quickly, and smoothly, making it a delight to browse and play.


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The service

The other theme that runs through the Betfred brand is great service. This includes the company being quick to respond to any and all problems, offering useful advice and clear information to customers, and offering a £5 no deposit bonus on top of a fantastic 100% first deposit bonus. Though these bonuses primarily benefit new players, you should keep your eyes out for other promotions from the site which come along from time to time, which can give a real boost to your play. We’ve been impressed again and again with the transparency with which Betfred runs its sites, and Mobile Games is no exception.

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Our Conclusion

We think that it’s a shame that, for so many players, mobile gambling is all about getting the best out of your bonuses and moving on. We know that this is a great ploy for making money, but if you just want to chill out and enjoy a game, there’s nothing better than getting to really know a casino, and treating it like an old friend. For us, Betfred Mobile Games can be this casino for so many reasons, and even if this turns out not to be the casino for you, you can at least take what we’ve said here and try and find your own casino to which it can apply.