hd mobile slotsWe often overlook one of the aspects of online gambling that can make or break your enjoyment of the hobby, and that is the question of the graphics of the games. While some casinos have great graphics and are a pleasure to use, other casinos lag sadly behind and, quite frankly, don’t look like they have made an effort – something that reflects badly on them as a whole.

When it comes to the former category though – the casinos that have really made an effort to provide their players with the best visual feast – the new king of the castle is without doubt All Slots Casino. This is because they are the first of the mobile casinos to venture into uncharted territory – yep, that’s right, they’ve gone HD on us!

HD gaming means that you can play all of your favourite mobile slots, such as the hugely popular Tomb Raider mobile slot and the classic Mermaid’s Millions, but now you can see every detail as the reels spin around and hopefully the money comes pouring in! It’s something that we are pretty excited about, although we aren’t entirely sure why!

The thing is, HD gaming doesn’t increase the likelihood of winning big on the different mobile slots offered at All Slots Casino. Neither does it mean that there are any extra features or interesting aspects to the games. All it means is that the visual enjoyment is increased by loads – just like when a brand new gaming console comes out, with much better graphics but, in all reality, the same gameplay as before.

Perhaps the main reason we are so excited though is because it is innovative and it proves that there are some mobile casinos out there that are still trying to push the boat out. When an industry becomes stagnant is when it fades away, so all the mobile casinos must take it one themselves to keep moving forward and follow the example of All Slots Casino!

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