do not jailbreak iphoneEvery time a new phone is released, it isn't long before someone manages to make a jail break for it, i.e. a method of allowing owners to completely bypass the usual app purchasing process and instead get the apps for free. The problem is, while this is great in the short term, in the long term it can lead to a number of problems, especially for players at mobile casinos.

For this article, we are going to specifically focus on iPhones, as they are the phones that are most often jail broken, with an estimated 7 million jail broken iPhones in existence around the world. The same logic can be applied to all other phones as well though. So, if you are thinking about playing mobile casinos on a jail broken phone, read this first – it might just change your mind!

So, let’s start with the most compelling reason first: using a jail broken phone to play at mobile casinos puts your bank details at risk. When you download apps through the App Store, the team at Apple has already ensured that the app is trustworthy and not out to rob you, but when a phone is jail broken, loads more apps become available from various places. These apps have not been checked by Apple and therefore could contain any number of nasty intentions, such as stealing bank details or personal details – all of which are stored on the mobile casino site.

Of course, the major mobile casinos are all incredibly trustworthy, so wouldn't resort to this tactic. There is nothing stopping someone from releasing an app for jail broken phones that looks just like the mFortune or Royal Vegas apps though and tricking you into downloading them. This wouldn't be possible on a phone that hadn't been jail broken, as the quality control team at Apple would have spotted it immediately and taken the app away from sale.

The other major reason for using a jail broken phone is simpler – it is totally pointless! All of the major mobile casinos offer free apps to their customers, as they make their money through the games on there. If a mobile casino tries to sell an app, don’t bother and move on to the next casino instead. So, if the apps are free, why bother trying to get them through less secure channels?

As you can hopefully see, jail breaking a phone is a risky business, especially when playing on mobile casinos using them. So, take our advice: don’t jail break your phone, as it could cost you in the long run…