lots of people smiling at cameraTwenty years ago, the only way to have a go at a slot machine was to visit a casino or pop into the local pub, which put the majority of people off playing them. Then the internet came along and changed all that, allowing people to jump online and spin the reels. Despite the huge success of online casinos, this wasn’t good enough for some – for some, the chance simply never came to sit down for an hour and relax in front of the screens, hoping to win big amounts of money in the process.

This all changed though when mobile casinos popped up, thanks to the amazing capabilities of smartphones and the massive increase in mobile internet speeds over the past few years. Now, the world of slots is open to absolutely everyone, with sites such as mFortune and Moobile Games pushing the boundaries of what mobile casinos can do! But who has benefited most from this?

House Wives

We all know that being a mother is the most difficult job in the world – a job that consumes you for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without ever having a day off! This means that the chance to go to the pub or even sit in front of a computer for a few minutes seems to never come. This means that there is never an opportunity to have a gamble!

With mobile slots, it means that mothers – and, of course, house husbands as well – can have a spin on the bus, while waiting to pick the kids up from school or any other time when there are a couple of minutes to spare. Some people have even picked up some big wins while simply waiting around and playing on their iPhone or other phone!


woman holding lots of moneyStudents are renowned for going without, and many students still can’t bear to part with any money to have internet at home – after all, that is money that could be used for beer in the local bar! All students have a mobile phone though, which is usually found plastered to their ear at all times – expect for when they are using it to access a whole raft of online services.

One of the mobile services they often use is mobile casinos – the chance to win thousands of pounds simply by depositing a fiver is something that most people can’t resist. After all, a big win could pay off all the student loans and still leave money for a big night out!

Hard Workers

When it comes to the amount of time people are spending at work, the total is incredibly high. Whether this is someone working 70 hours a week in the City, plus spending a couple of hours a day travelling, or whether it is someone holding down 3 jobs at once, people are having to knuckle down more and more.

This extra working time means that people don’t have the time for pleasure. What they do have, however, is time on their lunch break or on the train home to log on to their favourite site and see if they can win some money. So, they are flocking to mobile casinos in numbers higher than ever before.


So, the world of mobile gambling has helped all kinds of people to unwind and have the chance to win some cash, even when they don’t have the chance to do much else in their lives! If you fit into one of the categories above and haven’t played at a mobile casino yet, why not give it a go today? It will help you unwind and give you a real thrill at the same time!

Remember – if you haven’t played at a mobile casino before, there are loads of different bonuses available and these can give you loads of extra money to play with. If you don’t know which casino to play at, take a look at this article, showing you the things to consider before you sign up!