sony xperia z review mobile slotsAt MobileSlots4U, we hate to see big names left behind while others prosper. That’s why we are going to give a chance to the Sony Xperia Z in today’s review, as Sony seems to have fallen way behind companies like Apple and Samsung in the race to be the world’s foremost producer of mobile technology. You’ll have seen reviews of this phone in loads of different places, but our review will be different, as it is totally geared towards whether this mobile is good for players of mobile slots. So, we don’t care how good the camera is, or whether it comes complete with funky ringtones. All we care about is the mobile slots experience! If you've read the other reviews we've written on different mobile phones, you’ll know that we base our reviews on three different criteria. These criteria are:

  • Graphics
  • Compatibility
  • Internet speed

Anyhows, that’s enough idle chit-chat – let’s get on with the matter at hand and find out the facts about the Sony Xperia Z, from a mobile slots point of view!


sony xperia zOne of the most important aspects of playing mobile slots is how they look – after all, if they were all black and white with no interesting graphics we simply wouldn't enjoy them. In order to get the best experience possible, the graphics of a mobile phone have to be excellent, and the Sony Xperia Z certainly provides this! It might not be better in this department than the Samsung Galaxy S3, but it is certainly well on par with it though. The main reason why the graphics are so good on the Sony Xperia Z is because Sony are so used to making TVs – something that requires even greater attention to detail when it comes to producing the perfect picture. They have used the Bravia Mobile Engine 2 in this phone, based on the technology used in Sony Bravia TVs, and this causes both the contrast and sharpness to be exceptionally good. Most excitingly though, it also offers a 5-inch 1080p display, meaning that you can see your mobile slots in HD! So, when it comes to graphics, the Sony Xperia Z is one of the best around. We simply can’t find anything to criticise, which is very unusual for us!


When it comes to compatibility, there is simply not much to say about the Xperia Z, as it runs on the Google Android Jelly Bean operating system. This means that it supports virtually all of the mobile slots offered on the major slot sites, meaning that you can play all of the best mobile slots, regardless of where you happen to be. As with all phones using the Android operating system, there is also the chance to download a number of mobile slots apps, if the different mobile slots sites happen to offer them. They are nearly always free and can be downloaded very quickly, especially if you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Internet Speed

4g on sony xperia zThe first thing to mention is also the most impressive: the Sony Xperia Z comes with the capability to run on 4G. Now, for the less technically minded of you, this means that it has the potential to get incredibly fast speeds. The only problem is that 4G hasn't been rolled out in the UK yet, but at least you have a phone that’s capable for when it does finally materialise. This 4G speed will allow you to download apps and play mobile slots almost instantly, with barely any loading time. Plus there won’t be lagging on the games and the mobile slot producers can start to make much more impressive games – games that only 4G phone owners will be able to play. Currently however, the internet speed is on a par with the vast majority of phones on 3G, the current standard for mobile internet. This means that you won’t find a phone much better than the Sony Xperia Z in this category, but you also won’t find one much worse either!


In conclusion, we think it is a shame that Sony has been slightly left behind by the mobile phone industry, as they have produced a really good phone in the Xperia Z – especially for mobile slot players! It has exceptional graphics, good internet speeds and all your favourite mobile casinos can be played at on it. What’s more, it looks really great too, which is always a bonus! So, if you want to buy a new mobile phone in the future and love playing mobile slots, we’d definitely recommend the Sony Xperia Z! Of course, if you disagree, please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts at the bottom of the page – we love to hear from all the readers of this site! Alternatively, you can use our contact page for a little more privacy! Watch out for more mobile phone reviews coming soon right here on MobileSlots4U – the web’s premier site for fans of mobile slots and mobile casinos!