netent narcosYou can make a slot theme from almost anything — from TV shows, to films, to animals, to a group of vegetables! Making your theme from a TV show you can stream on Netflix, however, is definitely uncharted territory. Ever the champions of innovation in the iGaming industry, NetEnt have announced the release of their Narcos slot which will adapt the Netflix series into a fully fledged game. This is an exciting news and could signify a new trend among mobile slots. Here are the details we have so far.

The ICE Exhibition

ice-totally-gaming-2015-coming-this-februaryThe announcement came during the International Casino Exhibition (ICE) that takes place ever year in central London. At this exhibition, software companies in the industry across the world gather to share ideas, announce their upcoming releases and discuss important technological advances that could benefit the industry, such as VR.

NetEnt took the opportunity to announce the upcoming release of their Narcos slot. This was a smart decision as all eyes were trained on the event and it brought the news to a ton of people, industry experts as well as the average players. Of course, they would have gained attention anyway purely out of the merit of being NetEnt but delivering the news at an important event gives the upcoming game more weight and anther reason to look forward to.


Why Narcos?

netflixThere are many popular shows streaming on Netflix right now. In fact, it can be regarded as the streaming service pioneer with its application of quality original content. Stranger Things, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, just to name a few. NetEnt could have chosen any of these popular shows yet it chose Narcos, something we think is an incredibly smart move.

Not only does the show’s aesthetic and tone suit gambling (it’s a gritty gangster drama that explores the life of Pablo Escobar and the Cali cartel) but it is an award-winning show as well as belonging to one of the oldest film companies in the world, which NetEnt has a strong deal with. Not to mention there’s a fourth series on the way and this offers an excellent promotional opportunity for the show’s developers.


NetEnt Pushing Boundaries

In a statement released alongside the news of the game’s upcoming release, NetEnt’s Product Officer (Henrik Fagerlund) claimed that the company is “continuing to push boundaries” with their brand titles. He also said the show gained an “overnight sensation” that developed a huge fanbase right across the globe so that should guarantee that this slot will become popular.

The Head of Legal and Business Affairs at the film company, Gaumont, (Tim Stephen) added that they have entrusted NetEnt to “develop and create a gaming property that will thrill the millions of Narcos fans around the world and provide a new way for them to experience and engage with the brand”. If you want to know where to play NetEnt’s Narcos slot when it’s released, simply check out any of the top NetEnt casinos. You won’t be disappointed.