slotsmillion casino uk featureAll us Brits can finally rejoice, for the massively talked-about SlotsMillion casino, which famously implements virtual reality into its gambling, has comes to our shores. The news comes after the famous online casino has been granted permission to operate within the United Kingdom, thanks to the UK Gambling Commission.

This is exciting news too, as SlotsMillion is one of the first mobile casinos to fully implement VR into their main interface, providing a truly unique experience. Many thought that VR is just a gimmick and will fade in the next couple of years. In this article, we explore exactly why they’re wrong.


SlotsMillion Casino In the UK

SlotsMillion ExperienceSo why is the fact taht SlotsMillion is coming to the UK so exciting? Well, not only does it hold the top space of the VR gambling market, but it also introduces a whole new way of playing to UK players. This is important, considering just how many casinos there are out there at the moment.

Standing out has never been more integral and SlotsMillion is head and shoulders above everyone on that front. Besides, it never hurts to add one more mobile casino to the UK market now, does it? In any case, it means more promotions to enjoy and an alternative to the current mobile casino you play at.

Yet, what’s so great about SlotsMillion aside from the virtual reality? Well, it offers an extensive list of games to play, over a thousand of them, in fact, making it one of the more plentiful casinos out there. And more than half of them have been specially adapted to be played through a pair of Oculus VR goggles in an entirely digital 3D environment — that is the game itself and the casino.

Yes, SlotsMillion is an entirely constructed 3D casino in virtual reality. But not to worry! Anyone with a PC can access it, so even if you don’t own a pair of Oculus Rift goggles then you need not worry.


What Game Can I Play?

At SlotsMillion, you’ll be able to play all sorts of slots, both old and new. For instance, NetEnt are re-releasing Gonzo’s Quest to be played in a VR environment. In case you’re wondering what that looks like, here’s a glimpse:

It really brings these old slots to life in a way that hasn’t been imagined before and it’s seamless. In fact, it’s so impressive that this move may inspire other casino operators to try their ilk in the UK market by developing their own VR remakes of their old slots. Microgaming are reported to be developing their own virtual roulette game where the croupier is a robot in outer space. See the potential VR offers? And you can be sure to play it right here at SlotsMillion as soon as it comes out.


Why Is The UK So Important?

UK Gambling Commission LogoThe reason why we’re making such a fuss over SlotsMillion gaining a license in the UK at all is because the UK gambling market is one of the biggest in Europe, if not the entire world. Ever since its inception in 2005, the UK Gambling Commission has been the utmost authority in dishing out licenses in casino and their standards are notoriously strict. So, if they hand out a license to a casino that’s famous overseas, you know that casino is a good one.

Its because of their three main objectives for keeping the mobile gambling industry a safe and viable place that keeps those standards up to the highest level. These objectives bring this onslaught of strict regulations, but they are necessary all the same. So, the fact that SlotsMillion have passed them with flying colours makes them one hell of a mobile casino to go and check out. And we seriously recommend you do!