Virgin Mobile Casino, one of the biggest mobile casinos around, has recently debuted three new mobile slots on its site, much to the joy of regular players waiting for something new to get their teeth into! These games are all developed by the giant that is IGN and therefore you know that they are going to be really good (well, apart from one of them)!

Two of the new games they are offering seem to be completely unique and only available on Virgin Mobile Casino, while the other is a firm favourite with mobile gamblers and undoubtedly adds something to Virgin’s line-up! But what are these new mobile slots, we hear you ask? Well, read on for a brief description of each of them and to see whether they seem like the kind of thing you could see yourself playing in the near future…

Wolf Run

wolf run mobile slotThe first of the new mobile slots found at Virgin Mobile Casino is Wolf Run, and long time gamers will know that this is found on other sites as well. They will also know that it is a really good mobile slot with loads of features and the chance to win a huge stack of money as well! As the name suggests, it is based on wolves and it has been around since before online casinos were invented – its original state was as a traditional slot machine in many different casinos throughout the world.

It is a five reel mobile slot and is accessible for everyone, as the minimum bet is just 1p and the maximum bet is a staggering £200 per spin! The bonus rounds are all geared around winning extra spins – possibly not the most original bonus rounds in the world then – but you can win up to 255 of them, which will bring massive payouts!

In all, this is a game that every player of mobile slots should be flocking to, although many of you will have played it before. Virgin Mobile Casino will feel like they’ve made a great move adding it to their repertoire!

Elvis – A Little More Action

elvia alma mobile slot screenshotThere are quite a few Elvis slot machines around, but we think that this is the best one so far! It is a feast of visual and audio delight, with bright colours and a great Elvis soundtrack to boot. Oh, and you can win a whole heap of money if you happen to get lucky and spin in a jackpot! In fact, of all the new machines on Virgin Mobile Casino, this is without doubt the best and we could happily play it all day!

One slight downside is that it is quite a complex mobile slot and therefore might not be wholly suitable for new players. This is because it can be played as a fifty – yes, five-o – line slot machine, which means even the most experienced players won’t know entirely what to look for! One thing we really love though is that when you get some extra spins, the whole screen changes and the music pumps up. Plus, during the bonus round, there are more wild symbols on the reels, therefore leading to more wins!

So, if you’re looking for a little less conversation and a little more action, head to Virgin Mobile Casino today, as their new Elvis slot is one of the best around!

Kitty Glitter

kitty glitter mobile slotWith a name like Kitty Glitter, we were very apprehensive about this slot – the name makes it sound like something you’d find on kid’s TV! When we started playing it, we were more than apprehensive though, as this game really doesn’t do much for us! The graphics are poor, the concept is pretty tame and, in all, it simply seems like the creators haven’t really bothered to try with this one.

The symbols are all hastily drawn representations of different cat species, with the white Persian being the jackpot symbol. There are 30 paylines and 5 reels on this machine, and apart from that there is not much to say. This game is as tame as the cats spinning around on the reels and we think you should avoid it!


So, there you have it – three new games for you to play at Virgin Mobile Casino, two of them good and one of them bad. Why not head over there today and try them out for yourself? You never know, you could end the day with bags of extra cash in your bank account if you’re lucky – make sure you remember us when you are rich!