TVEveryone knows that there are plenty of video slots based around Hollywood blockbusters, literature and even video games. There are also plenty of video slots based around popular TV shows, ranging from gritty crime dramas like 24 to reality contests like X Factor. We’d argue that the industry could do with more of these as there’s so much material to exploit, or at least bring more attention to the ones that already exist. This is why today, we have assembled a list of five top video slots based around popular TV shows.

1) Family Guy

Family Guy Slot by IGT - WinBased on the long-running American cartoon comedy, the Family Guy video slot certainly has the appeal built into it. Full of its iconic characters, the game certainly gets across the feel of the show. Developed by IGT, it’s your standard affair with a 5 by 3 slot reel and excellent MLD graphics. Bonuses and free rounds are a-plenty, meaning players will get a lot of gun out of this game. They don’t make video slots like these anymore.

On top of all that, it also runs really well on mobile as well as desktops. It’s always important for video slots to do this as developer can get easily carried away with stuffing their games full of features. Family Guy does this nicely, however, so we get a nice balanced game with a theme we all recognise.

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2) Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones MicrogamingAdmit it, you knew this was going to appear on the list, didn’t you? Well, you’re not wrong because Game of Thrones the video slot is as epic and as awesome as its TV counterpart. Made by HBO, the series is based off the popular fantasy novels, A Song of Ice and Fire, by GRR Martin and has captured fans across the world since. Microgaming were clever to adapt this slot as the fan base will instantly flock to it, guaranteeing any Microgaming casino some traction purely through brand recognition alone.

Play this game and choose your allegiance with all the powerful houses of Westeros on this 5 by 3 slot reel. We wish more video slots were based off HBO dramas (which is why there are two on this list) as the storytelling quality is always out of this world.

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3) 24

24-slot-screenThe popular crime drama which hit our screens in the 00’s, 24 was made into a slot by iSoftBet and continues to be a staple of popular online casinos the world over. For the time it was released, the series was groundbreaking. Each episode plays out in real-time so each episode being an hour long…

Well, you can figure out the rest. Anyone who’s watched it would recognise the famous “ticking down” digital clock which acts as such an effective scene transition and that motif is incorporated superbly into this slot.

The slot itself is very compact and gets across the tension you often find in all episodes of 24. It’s pretty awesome as far as video slots go and gives you the impression of working as part of a count-terrorist team. Complete the series’ soundtrack too, it only manages to immerse you further into the world of 24. Video slots rarely get as immersive as this!

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4) Sex and the City

sex and the city video slotAnother extremely popular show, Sex and the City has so many fans it’s ridiculous. This is probably it’s one of the most successful video slots ever made. IGT certainly know how to appeal to a mass audience and by signing a deal that connects them with many licensed properties and make video slots out them.

This particular slot makes use of all the Sex and the City paraphernalia to great effect and, yet again, really evokes the source material.

Grab the Big Night Out Bonus in this multi-play, multi-level game for huge wins amidst the glamorous lifestyle of Carrie and other iconic characters found in this popular series. Fans will love this one and find this slot adaptation to be a perfect recreation.

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5) The Sopranos

sopranos video slotFinally, we reached the last of these TV show video slots, The Sopranos. Based off yet another popular HBO property, this Aristocrat slot follows the same underworld mafia theme of the show by including all the major characters including Tony Soprano himself. With some serious bonus rounds to be won, all players will have an entertaining hour or two playing this slot and potentially grabbing some awesome wins.

This 5 reel, 20 payline game makes for an awesome introduction into how video slots work and serves as the perfect springboard for players to begin their slot playing adventure. The Sopranos can be played from any casino that hosts Aristocrat content.

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