Paysafecard LogoThe Paysafecard is a prepaid PIN card, which eliminates the need for a bank account or credit card. Customers are able to purchase these PIN cards in over 600,000 shops, across 46 countries. Users also get to choose the value of the card they buy, so they’re not bound by a limit too high or low for their comfort. Read on to find out how Paysafecard works and how you can use the Paysafecard app to deposit funds into your favourite mobile casino.


How Paysafecard Works

In order to take advantage of the Paysafecard system, customers need to do the following:

  • Sign up for free by creating a username and password
  • Purchase a Paysafecard PIN from a seller or online
  • Enter the 16-digit PIN to manage the amount in a clear overview

Customers get to choose the amount they want on their card and these amounts vary, depending on the country the card holder is in. The differing sum available is determined by the country’s local currency, which helps holders manage their finances. For European countries, this comes in the form of five set amounts:

  • 5 EUR
  • 10 EUR
  • 25 EUR
  • 50 EUR
  • 100 EUR

Everyone has experienced a moment of frustration when they have just under the amount required for a purchase or when they have a few pennies left over from a transaction. So, what happens to the pennies, or more, that are left on a card? Well, Paysafecard shows the combined value of all the purchased PINs in one place for you to pay online by simply entering the username and password.

When a customer wants to use the remaining amounts on each Paysafecard PIN, they simply need to enter each PIN, one at a time, when paying to use the collected value. The maximum combined PIN transaction, in Euros, is 250 EUR. This helps use up any remaining balance and gives user’s less of a headache when trying to figure out which card has what value left.

Alternatively, if you’re a customer that prefers to do their shopping online or partake in the worlds of gaming or streaming, then you can use the Paysafecard for these activities as well. Payments are quick and painless, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you love.

As well as being an easy to track finance manager, users can collect points every time they pay using the Paysafecard. These points can be exchanged in the my PLUS Shop for an array of rewards, such as exclusive offers from popular retailers. Another way to earn points is by referring a friend. For every referral that signs up and purchases something, you get 25,000 PLUS points and 25,000 Level points.


The Paysafecard App

If you’re anxious about the amount left on your Paysafecard PINs and don’t have access to a computer, worry not as there’s a smartphone app which allows you to keep up with your finances.

The app is available for both Android and Apple users, across mobiles and wearables, such as the Apple watch, and acts a very useful tool to administering your account. In order to download the Paysafecard app follow the instructions below.

Android users:

  • Go to the Play Store
  • Locate and download the Paysafecard app
  • Create an account
  • Log in

iOS users:

  • Go to the App Store
  • Locate and download the Paysafecard app
  • Create an account
  • Log in

What’s The Paysafecard App Useful For?

Once the app has been downloaded and the user has logged in, they should either top up online or find a physical store to add some funds. Following this, there are a number of services which users can take advantage of to make their day-to-day lives easier:

  • Find a sales outlet by entering a location or turning on the phone’s GPS: If users choose to enable their GPS on their mobile device, the app will provide not only the location of the nearest top up location but will also guide you to it.
  • Add Paysafecard PINs.
  • Check PIN balance and ongoing transactions: The ability to be able to check up on your transaction history allows users to keep track of their finances and when to top up next.
  • Promotions and competitions.
  • Scan2pay: pay easier by scanning the Paysafecard QR code displayed in the shop’s payment panel.
  • Paysafecard MasterCard, which lets you pay in the same way as with a credit card
  • Currency converter: By using the currency converter on the app, users who are abroad are able to determine the price of a service or product, thus ensuring they aren’t wasting their money.
  • Pay around the world: Another handy feature for this prepaid card is that users are able to take the card abroad and pay in foreign currencies. This makes the travelling with, and use of, the card a lot safer than the current alternatives such as credit cards.
  • Help and information are available for the times you need a helping hand.


Using Your Paysafecard Voucher

Psayfecard Voucher ExplainedSo, what services and products can you use your Paysafecard for besides high street shops? Whether it’s gaming or online dating, customers are able to pay for a number of services using the Paysafecard PIN.

For the majority of the services, PIN holders can top up these accounts without having to submit personal information, including credit card details or bank account information.

So, there you have it: an easy to use, prepaid card that can be used in a staggering number of locations and countries.

Whether you’re a digital shopper, a conference caller, a gamer or want to visit foreign countries without the hassle of carrying cash or risking credit card fraud, then this card has you covered. With more and more businesses signing up to allow Paysafecard holders to pay using their PINs, users will find new doors opening for them.