In case you hadn’t heard, Playtech recently purged all Marvel-related content from its repertoire. This means that all mobile slots that are tied to a specific Marvel superhero are now no more. Look all you want but you won’t find a single Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America or Incredible Hulk-themed slot. They’re all gone. But why would Playtech do such a thing? Marvel are a very profitable enterprise!

Well, it’s because Playtech’s license to use said characters have now expired and they cannot renew it because of Disney. It’s a shame, but that’s just the way it is. So now what? What can Marvel fans play instead of Marvel slots? Well, aside from all the other Playtech stuff, there are quite few other slots that we can play that appeal to our superhero needs.

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The substitutes we recommend for replacing the Marvel slots can be easily divided into two categories. The first of these is in the Age of the Gods category — a series of slots created by Playtech that tells the story of the epic Greek gods of old. The second is the line of mobile slots based on the heroes from DC comics (Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, etc.).


Age Of The Gods Mobile Slot

age of gods slot logoThis series of slots has since become a hallmark of Playtech ever since its release last year. It is epic, and by that, we mean epic. Not only do they feel epic in terms of scale, but the multiple installments makes it feel much more like an ongoing thing and part of a larger fictional world, which makes sense as it’s part of the larger world of Greek myth.

Now what has this got to do with superheroes? Well, in a literal sense, not much. Greek gods and modern superheroes have very little to do with each other directly. Unless you consider the Herculean might of today’s heroes to be a direct iteration of the heroes of these ancient myths.

In some cases, some heroes are literally gods. Take a look at Thor! Some might call this a tenuous connection (even if the creators of Superman openly admitted to being inspired by these myths) but we think it’s strong enough to keep many players who miss all the Marvel slots happy.

There are plenty of Ages of the Gods slots at mobile casinos that provide Playtech software, such as Betsafe casino. They are all jackpot slots, too, so you can engage in them and collect winnings from the same pot! Here are four examples

  • Age of the Gods — Definitely a slot for Avengers lovers.
  • Age of the Gods: Kings of Olympus — Who needs Iron Man when you can chill on Mt. Olympus?
  • Age of the Gods: Goddess of Wisdom — If Elektra was your thing, this is the slot for you!
  • Age of the Gods: Furious Four — Fantastic Four enthusiasts will love this one!


DC Superheroes Mobile Slot

playtech dc slotsYeah, you probably saw this one coming if you’re a massive superhero geek. DC and Marvel have been long-standing rivals in the comic book industry for a long time. Now, in the modern age, as well as comic books, they’re at loggerheads in the film department for the most part, trying to establish their own sprawling cinematic universes. Personally, we think Marvel did it better but we won’t go into that.

Where DC now has Marvel beat, however, is in the mobile slots department. Because Disney own the rights to Marvel, they want to take the company in a more “family-friendly” direction (as per their reputation). Warner Brothers, on the other hand, seem perfectly okay with their DC superheroes appealing to a more adult market, even if the majority of their audience (at least for their films) is pre-pubescent boys.

batman slotThat aside, plenty of adults do enjoy the DC franchise, both the comics and the films and even the cartoons. So they will definitely enjoy playing a mobile slot based around any of the characters.

There are numerous ones out there, too, including the straight-up comic iterations in slot form, the DCEU incarnation, and Christopher Nolen’s ‘Dark Knight Trilogy’. Basically, there’s no shortage of DC comic heroes to replace all the Marvel slots you once loved. And hey, just because you like Marvel doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy DC too, right?

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