Playing Mobile SlotsMost slots offer an autoplay feature, but if you’ve never used it before we can understand your reservations. The autoplay feature, simply speaking, takes the clicking out of playing slots — it plays on your behalf, leaving you to sit back and relax. People can be hesitant to activate the feature as it means that you’re no longer in control of the speed of the game, and it’s true that autoplay can gobble up your bankroll very quickly.

However, modern slots have introduced new options to the feature which protect your balance so could now be the time to try it out? Autoplay is a useful tool to use when you want to play faster than usual, be it because you’re hunting for jackpots or clearing wagering requirements. Today we’re discussing the mechanics of the autoplay feature, how it works and when it’s best to use.


How It Works

Once activated, the autoplay feature simply plays through spins over and over again, showing you the results for a brief moment and then moving on. As the name suggests, its a completely automated way to play slots, as the computer does all the clicking for you. The autoplay button is typically located next to the spin button and whilst the majority of modern slots offer the feature, some do not.

Autoplay ScreenshotTo get the most from the autoplay feature, however, you need to program it to perform exactly how you’d like it to. Different slots will give you different set up options, but we’ll cover the main ones here. Firstly, you need to tell the slot how many spins you’d like it to play for you, what wager you want to place, and how many paylines you wish to play. The autoplay feature can usually play up to around 100 spins for you, but don’t forget that you’ll be paying for all these spins so manage your bankroll wisely.

Some slots also allow you to program the feature so it protects your money a bit better.  You’ll often find that you’re able to stop the autoplay feature if your balance falls below a certain amount, or if a single spin takes too much money from you. Conversely, you can also set up the feature so that it stops if you hit a big win, or your balance exceeds a certain amount. Obviously, the loss limit prevents you from hitting a bad luck patch and spending all of your money, but the win limit is important to consider too.

Say, for instance, you hit a streak of big wins but the autoplay still has 20 spins to play through. This streak could easily turn into a loosing one, and there’s nothing more annoying than watching money slip through your fingers! Stopping the autoplay feature when you win big gives you a chance to review the situation and decide if you want to cash out.

The autoplay may also pause when the game hits a bonus feature that needs your input, like a click-me bonus for example. These rounds can’t be automated, so you still need to be paying attention to the game and not chilling out too much! Similarly, using the autoplay feature may limit some gameplay, like a gamble option. The game will always warn you beforehand if it’s going to do this, but it’s important to note. At all times you will have the option to stop the autoplay process so if anything goes disastrously wrong you shouldn’t worry too much.


When Should I Use It?

Using the autoplay feature is an entirely personal choice, and it will all come down to why you’re playing and what you want from your gaming session. Still, there are some circumstances where the feature could be beneficial to use, so let’s look at when that may be.

Casino bonuses all come with wagering requirements, we know we don’t have to tell you that, it’s probably the bane of your gaming experience. We all know the struggle of clearing these, but have you ever considered using autoplay to do so? If you want to spin your way through your wagering requirements as quickly as possible, then autoplay is the way to go. Simply set it up and watch it go! Similarly, sometimes you may be given a bonus or promotional offer than needs to be used up within a short period of time. This is much easier to accomplish when you automate the process and let the computer do it’s work.

Autoplay Feature mFortuneAnother reason why players may choose the autoplay function is when they are chasing a progressive jackpot. Some players watch jackpot amounts religiously and can tell when it’s due to drop. At this point, spinning as fast as you can is important as you need to get to it before anyone else!

The same logic can be applied to high variance slots, where the main action of the game comes in the form of big wins. In these types of slots you may need to spin around 100 times before hitting anything good, so the autoplay feature can help you get through the bleak and boring stage. In this circumstance, however, it’s important to watch your spending and make good use of those set-up options we mentioned earlier.

Finally, autoplay is great if you simply want to relax! We’ve all been there, tired of hitting the spin button and watching our enthusiasm slowly fade away, so take advantage of the computer playing on your behalf and sit back and watch some TV at the same time. Similarly, if you’re working or have other things which are requiring you to multitask, the autoplay feature is your best friend.

Automatic play isn’t for everyone, and if you’re trying to get the most fun out of a slot and soak up all the visual and special effects it’s not the way to go. Autoplay will often skip the video parts of games in order to save time, so if the drama and excitement is what appeals to you then you should probably carry on playing manually.