confusionIt can be a very daunting prospect becoming a mobile gambler for the first time. What with the sheer amount of mobile casinos, promotions and mobile slots to choose from it’s hard to know exactly where to start. Many players may have been gambling for many years already; they’re only starting to do it on mobile.

For others, however, this is their first time gambling as well as their first time doing it on mobile, so for them it’s harder to know where even to begin. The best place to start to choose the right mobile slot to play — a crucial decision that we have will help you through today.


For Entirely New Players

For those who are completely new to gambling, there are several things you can do to make your adjustment to mobile gambling a smooth one. The first of which is choosing your mobile casino and registering with that casino. After having done so, you can then proceed to choosing your first mobile slot to play. Here are tips on what kind of mobile slot you should look out for.

A 5-Reel Slot

Beauty-The-Beast-screenshot-yggdrasilThe best quality to look out for in any mobile slot if you’re a beginner is to find one that is 5-reel. This means what you’ll get will be fairly standard and uncomplicated. There are other mobile slots out there that use less conventional slot layouts but it’s always best to start with the basics first. Fortunately, because this is the norm, most slots are 5-reel so they are extremely easy to find.

Special Features

All slots, no matter what they are structure-wise, possesses special features of some kind. But we’re not talking about the usual wild symbols or extra spins. We’re talking about bonus games other than the main reel, something unique that can only be found with that particular mobile slot. Most mobile slots that comes to mind are the ones made by mFortune or PocketWin, all in-house games that make full use of their theme and premise.

Scatter Bonuses

buster-ghost-mfortune-mobile-slot-promotional-banner-largeBut in case you want to stick to some more… simple features, try looking for mobile slots that have scatter bonuses. Again, this should be fairly common as scatter symbols are a primary feature of many slots these days. They help to increase your chances of winning and make the overall experience of playing a much more enjoyable experience.


For Seasoned Players

As for the players who are just coming over to mobile gambling after some experience with real-life gambling, the transition may be a little easier as you may know what you’re looking for already in terms of things like features and reel structure. On the other hand, it can still be kind of difficult to know which mobile slot to start playing with first. Well, we have a couple of tips for you here.

A Fun-Looking Slot

Just go by what visually appeals to you! If you’re worried about choosing a slot over another which may be superior then we’d advise you not to. After all, aside from winning money, the only reason you play mobile slots at all is for fun, right? So go with a theme that you like and go with that one. Sometimes your instinct is right.

Find A Brand

Game of Thrones MicrogamingMany mobile slots are based off licensed properties like film franchises or TV shows. Go on any mobile casino and you’ll find slots like The Dark Knight, The Avengers and Game of Thrones among their ranks.

It’s a great way of introducing yourself to the mobile gambling world and they all normally carry the traits that we’ve listed above. They may be based off familiar properties but they are the best gateway into the world of mobile gambling.