technical difficultites colour barsTechnical faults are probably the biggest downside behind the entire concept of mobile slots, other than having no internet connection. They may happen infrequently but when they do, they are extremely frustrating. Ever had a moment when you want to chuck whatever device your using out of the window because it won't do what you want it to? That's how you feel when these faults happen, only much worse when you've gambled money away. This is why we're here today to help guide players on what to do when a technical fault with their mobile slot and how best to hand the situation.


When Do They Happen?

Before we begin, we first must answer the question: what are technical faults in mobile slots? Or, more specifically, what kind of technical faults are there? The most common of them is freezing.

computer crash headphonesYou're in the middle of spinning the reel on a mobile slot when suddenly the game just completely stops without explanation. Everything is frozen in place and nothing you can do will get the game going again. Sometimes waiting it out will unfreeze the game but, more often than not, you'll have to restart the game entirely.

This is akin to what happens before a computer crashes which, to be honest, doesn't happen all that often in the grand scheme of things. And like computers, crashes tend to happen to older mobile slots, ones that are not accustomed to newer systems built into your internet browser software.

But this isn't always the case. Something, the error lies within the coding of the game itself. As with the case with one user, the mobile casino he was playing at took down the mobile slot he was playing for two days straight due to reported bugs during gameplay.


Will My Bonus Still Be There?

Bonus BannerThis is the most common question asked by players who have been unfortunate enough to experience a technical fault in their game. If you've had no choice but to close your mobile slot or refresh the browser then, unfortunately, any bonus you have won on your game will disappear.

The exact mechanics as to why this happens are… complicated, so we won't go into details. But the entire game has had to restart, meaning all the data from the previous session has been lost.

A mobile slot freezing up all of a sudden is frustrating enough, but the fact that any of those extra spins you worked hard to get along with your winnings have been lost? It only adds to that frustration and can put a player off a game entirely. This is why companies strive to do their best and ensure their games are completely uncrashable. Of course, no amount of code is faultless but it says something when only a small minority of mobile slots end up crashing.


Whom To Contact?

customer service ladyIt's important to note that, if you were in the middle of a mobile slot game and lost your bonuses thanks to a crash, do not contact the developer! The only people you should talk to are the people who run the site.

That way, they could offer you some extra spins or a little extra cash for compensation over what happened. They cannot interfere with the game's mechanics and manipulate it so that the game was exactly the way it was before the crash.

You're probably not the only who's having trouble, either, so you can guarantee that the technical difficulty will result in some kind of compensation. Bear in mind, that it's not always the casino's fault either, so be kind to them as technology can be very unreliable at times.

On the other hand, it's always best to cash out half of your winnings every so often so that you do not fall victim to an unexpected mobile slot crash. And if it just keeps on happening, maybe its the casino and not you — why not browse around and choose a new casino that's more technically reliable and offers some excellent welcome bonuses too?