Blackjack Table Chips CardsThink of Christmas; what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Family? Presents? Turkey? What about mobile blackjack? Ok, so blackjack might not be the most traditional Christmas fare, but allow me to make the case that this Christmas, when the presents are all unwrapped, and you’re sitting in front of some bad Christmas TV letting your dinner digest, that the best course of action to alleviate the inevitable Christmas boredom is to pick up your phone and play some mobile blackjack.


Blackjack Easiest Casino Game There Is

Let’s be honest, at this point you’ve probably had one too many minced pies and Quality Streets, and your vision is starting to go blurry round the edges from the sugar rush. Now is not the time for the dazzling flashes and hypnotic spinning of slots, nor is it the time for concentrating on a nerve racking game of poker. What you need is something low stress and simply, so you can simply relax and play.

That’s where the beautiful simplicity of blackjack comes into its own. The aim of the game is super easy to understand – you just need to get nearer to 21 than the dealer without going bust. Sure, there are plenty of different blackjack variants online for you to try, letting you make side bets, and win money even when you lose the hand, but fundamentally, it’s a simple game which your Christmas addled mind can get around relatively easily.


Low House Edge

Christmas is a time for relaxing and celebrating, not for risk taking. You’ve just spent loads on presents for all your family, and you want to be sure you have enough cash to make the most of the January sales – what you need is a nice low stakes game with high winning potential. May I introduce you to my friend blackjack? This spectacular table game boasts a house edge set at the low, low point of 0.5%, meaning that although winning outright isn’t inevitable, your chances are better than on most other casino games.


So Many (Completely Legitimate and Not Made Up) Links to Christmas

Did you know that at the original nativity, when Mary was in labour with the baby Jesus, Joseph killed time with the wise men by playing blackjack? Of course, they were simpler times, so the cards were not more than figures drawn on flat stones, but the principal was the same. The gold, frankincense and myrrh that ended up in the holy family’s possession were less ‘gifts’ as the popular version of the story goes, but rather Joseph’s winnings having cleaned up at the table.

You may have heard the controversy over Zwarte Piet (or Blake Peter in English), who is a character which accompanies St Nicolas in Christmas celebrations in many parts of northern Europe. A lesser known brother of Zwarte Piet in the traditional folklore was Zwarte Jok (or Black Jack in English). This Black Jack character brought children presents of playing cards, and is rumoured to have trained many a child in the art of playing the game he’s name for – Blackjack.

If all else fails, consider that Christmas is all about threes: three wise men, the holy Trinity (father, son, Holy Spirit), and a mince pie, sherry and carrot for Santa. When you think about it, blackjack is all about the number 21, which is a multiple of three! Have I convinced you? Yeah, thought not.


Where to Play Blackjack This Christmas


Casumo Casino LogoThe first place we’d suggest you hit up for your Christmas blackjack fix is Casumo Casino. The first reason is obvious – there’s a bunch of blackjack tables for you to join, featuring a number of variants you won’t find at many casinos (including Blackjack Single Deck and Blackjack Double Exposure). The other reason is all about the casino – when you play blackjack at Casumo, you’ll be scoring points which count towards your Casumo Adventure, meaning more bonuses and better prizes.

Spin Princess

spin princess logoNo good Christmas film is complete without a princess, and neither is your casino gambling is Christmas. This fantastic Nektan casino might not be filled to the rafters with casino games, but its Classic Blackjack variant is perfect for unwinding with at Christmas. On top of offering fantastic blackjack, Spin Princess is also offering players the chance to cash in on Christmas by holding an Advent Calendar promotion, in which you’re able to claim a new and unique bonus every single day that you play.

Ace Kingdom

AceKingdom Casino LogoContinuing along the theme of royalty, the next Christmas blackjack casino I’d recommend is Ace Kingdom. While this site, too, only features the one blackjack game, it’s also kitted out with roulette, poker and other table games, as well as a whole host of quality slots (for a cold, wintery theme, I’d suggest trying out Wild Gambler: Arctic Edition). Sign up today in order to claim a welcome bonus worth up to a staggering £650!

Mansion Casino

mansion casino logoEver wanted to spend Christmas in a Mansion? Well, you can do just that at Mansion Casino – and they have blackjack and everything! Like a couple of other casinos in this list, Mansion Casino knows Christmas is on the way, and is marking the celebration with its Christmas Countdown Calendar. Known for its big prizes anyway, it’s unsurprising that Mansion is gifting big on this promo; on the day of writing this post, you can claim 100% up to $/£200 on deposits.

GoWin Casino

GoWin Casino LogoOur friends over at GoWin Casino – where, by the way, blackjack is on offer among loads of other great games – are going out of their way to celebrate Christmas. Not only are they (also) running a bonus advent calendar promo, but they’re also filling the month with loads of other Christmas related promos, including tournaments, deposit match bonuses, and a extra spins bonus on the brand new Secrets of Christmas slot!