Winner Illustration Girl First PlaceAre you the kind of player who simply wants to sit around mindless spinning slots in the hopes of an OK take-home? Well, that’s just fine, but you should really stop reading now. That’s because this posts is addressed to the player who aspire for more, the kind of player who loves to gamble, and wants to take their game to the next level. If you want to become a truly advanced online and mobile casino player, there are a few things you have to learn to know inside and out. Once you’ve mastered the points we have to offer in this post, you’ll be ready to take the gambling world by storm!


1. Know Your Game

BGO Games 2First and foremost, you have to understand all the ins and out of the game you choose to play. Whether you’re into slots, love poker, are a big fan of blackjack, or simply love bingo, the key to mastering any game is to know it inside out. While playing a game is a good way to get yourself familiar with it, there’s still no substitute for really reading up on the topic of your chosen game.

We’re not just talking about rules here, though (even though those are crucially important and the best place to start to give yourself a grounding in any game). We’re also talking about getting to know and being comfortable with using all the tips and tricks that only experienced and advanced players know about and use. Do you research, discover the secrets of your game and you’ll already be in a better position than 90% of other players.


2. Know Your Casino

Casino LogosWhile the games you play will more or less be the same wherever you play, what is likely to change is the environment you play them in. You might know one or two casinos really well, but the most advanced players will never settle on just one or two sites. Instead, they’ll move from one casino to the other to ensure they’re able to take full advantage of the promotions and bonuses, and newest games available at different sites.

However, as you’re moving around, you should be careful to research casinos before investing money at them. Read a number of reviews at sites you trust and make sure you know exactly the games, bonuses, banking options, customer support, wagering requirements and overall user experience each offers. Don’t mug yourself off with a sub-par casino.


3. Know Your Bonuses

Free Bonus SignNext on the agenda for becoming a truly excellent player: understanding the bonuses you’re able to take advantage of. We are talking about online and mobile casinos after all, and while you’re not going to be able to take advantage of these kind of deals at land-based casinos, because the landscape of online and mobile gambling is so dotted with bonuses and promotions, you’d be remiss to ignore them.

Finding out what kind of bonuses are on offer should, of course, be part of your process when selecting new casinos, but you should also keep yourself abreast of the upcoming promotions at sites you’re already a member of. Moreover, it’s not just enough to have a vague idea of what the bonuses offer, you must understand in their entirety the terms and conditions – including the all-important wagering requirements – that individual bonuses hold.


4. Know Your Regulations

rules and regulationsThis is probably the broadest scope topic we have on the list, but when it comes to thinking holistically about playing at online and mobile casinos, it’s always best to understand the regulations that the entire industry is beholden to. You wouldn’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of the rules, would you?

Understanding the regulations that govern online and mobile casinos, and gambling as a whole, isn’t just about knowing how you’re able to behave and what you’re able to do. The other important thing is protecting yourself in a landscape which may be hostile towards you. Knowing the regulations is a great defense against being scammed!


5. Know Yourself

Meditating Woman Although the majority of gambling is luck orientated – based on the random outcome of events – there is a certain element of every game which is skill based. Honing things like your knowledge of games, casinos, bonuses and regulations is all good and well, but you also need to focus on developing characteristics in yourself which will foster a winning outlook and attitude.

Patience, budgeting, positivism and determination are all required to approach mobile gambling with the right mind-set, and understanding which of these traits you already possess and which you need to work on are crucial for becoming an advanced player. So, the final step is simply knowing yourself, and knowing how you can build on your existing skills to make yourself a formidable gambler!