high rtp slotsIf you’re relatively new to mobile gambling and have perused enough mobile gambling sites, you more than likely have come across the term ‘Return to Player’ (often abbreviated as RTP) in regards to video slots. It crops up almost everywhere but what does it actually mean?

Very few websites actually provide an answer to this so today, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’re going to explain in detail what an RTP is and why it’s a good idea for software developers to use them. But it could help you earn higher gains and make your gambling experience all the better in the long run.


What Is RTP?

confusionSo what exactly does Return to Player actually mean? Well, it’s the calculated percentage made by software developers on how much money the player will get over a set period of time. Because RTPs are percentages, they are often presented as such and every halfway decent slot has one.

Generally speaking, the higher that percentage, the more money you’re likely to see from that slot. They are rarely below 90% but most slots average out at about 95-96% RTP. Now, it’s important to recognise that RTP is a simple mathematical calculation and theoretical statistic.

It has some basis in reality however do not expect every RTP to correlate with how many wins you actually get. In other words, don’t take it too literally! It doesn’t take into account random wins like hitting the jackpot or longer streaks of losses. Otherwise, it’s fairly accurate but you shouldn’t swear by it.


Why Is RTP Important?

Balanced Scale IconThe next question we want to address is why RTP is important or even necessary. For the most part, it exists as a form of reassurance for the player that they will get the money they have invested in this slot back. On the other side of that, RTP also acts in favour for the casino.

If it was 100%, it would mean all return goes towards the player and the casino will see none of it. This is unsustainable, so it is within the interest of both parties that the casino gets a little money from this too. However, you can see how biased in the casino’s favour it is by looking at the RTP.


Does Higher RTP Mean You Win More?

large-grid-mega-mobile-slotsAgain, we advise not to put much stock in any slot’s RTP. They can be unreliable and it does’t necessarily inform you on how often you can expect to win. Why should it? It would make things boring! And it really does depend on the slots themselves on how often you will win.

One slot with a 97% RTP could mean you’re likely win one in three spins while another with the exact same figure could mean you’ll win one in every ten spins. The point here is that some slots pay out less often but it higher amounts than others. RTP does not reflect this at all.

But this doesn’t make things unfair. Video slots are based on a series of complex algorithms that are part of a random number generator which makes sure that every spin you make is totally random. There are absolutely no regular intervals to be found here so your chances of winning remain the same each time around. So players need not fear that there is some secret formula that keeps them from winning because it’s all totally fair.


Should I Worry About RTP?

kerit worryHonestly? No. For the most part, they don’t affect your gameplay and you could carry on gambling being completely ignorant. But we do always believe that it’s good to know what it entails so that when gaming review sites do mention RTP, at least you don’t feel stupid in knowing what they are.

We would tell you how they’re calculated but, honestly, the calculation is based only on vague figures and probabilities so it’s not worth worrying about. Let’s just say it’s based on minimum bets and on the amount you play.