Loyalty BlocksOnline and mobile casinos have ever-increasing ways to demonstrate their gratitude to their players for their patronage, but one that’s been around for as long as anyone can remember and which shows no sign of going anywhere any time soon is the loyalty scheme.

Whether or not it’s widely advertised, most casinos have some form of loyalty scheme – ranging from the relatively basic loyalty points, all the way up to complex VIP schemes. In this post, we’ll quickly run you through the basics behind loyalty schemes and try and fill you in on which casinos will offer you the best loyalty deals.


What Is A Loyalty Scheme?

This might seem like a pretty obvious question, but have you ever really though about it? There’s actually a bunch of different ways a can reward you for playing, with many casinos rewarding different players in different ways.

VIP Schemes

When you say the words ‘loyalty scheme’ to your average casino player, they’ll likely be thinking about VIP schemes, where high rolling players can take advantage of exclusive perks, and while this isn’t the whole story, it’s certainly very prevalent. Generally only accessible to players who are willing to regularly deposit thousands of pounds at a given casino, the perks you’ll receive usually reflect this ‘cost’ of entry into the scheme.

The kinds of things you can expect to enjoy if you become a casino VIP tend to be the likes of personalised customer support, increased deposit bonuses, exclusive promotions, and occasionally access to exclusive content. Entry into these kinds of VIP clubs usually comes as invitation only, but if you already know you’re the kind of player who can expect an invite, casinos are always happy to hear from you.

Other Loyalty Schemes

Here at MobileSlots4U, our favourite kind of loyalty scheme is the kind which offers all players with any sized bankroll the chance to get rewarded for playing, though each casino has its nuances. Generally, you can expect to earn points one way or another (either by depositing, wagering, or simply turning up to play each day) and, luckily, this is the model we’re seeing more and more casinos adopt.

While some casinos go all in with extensively gamified sites, with different rewards at different levels, and unlockable bonuses and content for various successes, the majority with the basic loyalty scheme structure simply allow their players to save up points in return for cash prizes or casino bonuses. Anyone can be part of this kind of reward structure.


Which Casinos Feature The Best Loyalty Programs?

While there’s more casinos with great loyalty programs than we can mention here, there are some absolute highlights we you really shouldn’t miss if you take your online or mobile casino gaming seriously.

Casumo Mobile Casino

You can’t have a discussion about reward schemes at casinos without spending a little bit of time discussing everything that Casumo has to offer. The site has become known affectionately as the ‘Adventure Casino’ thanks to the Casumo Adventure, which is holistically arranged gamification throughout the entire site.

When you join the casino you start off at the lowest level with no points, rewards or bonuses, and only a little cartoon character with a white belt as company. However, as you play more game, you’re able to get points which will unlock bonuses and new content, and which will dress your character in ever increasingly better coloured belts, so that you can track your progress.

Casumo Is The Gold-Standard For Loyalty Programmes!


Ladbrokes Mobile Casino

Ladbrokes LogoLadbrokes only relatively recently started a loyalty scheme all of its own, but owing to the size of the entire business, it’s a great one to be a part of if you want to play across all the various channels that Ladbrokes offers games on. The basic principle is pretty simple: for each and every £10 you wager at the casino, you’ll be rewarded with one comp point; save up your comp points and every time you get 100, you’ll have £1 worth of free games to enjoy.

This might sound like a small reward, but when you’re talking about cumulative wagering rather than simply deposits, you’d be amazed how quickly those points (and therefore your free cash) can stack up. Plus, it’s wager requirement free! Moreover, you’ll be able to both claim points and use your free cash on any of the gambling products Ladbrokes offers online, making it a hugely flexible gaming experience.

Ladbrokes Casino Offers Generous Perks!


Rizk Mobile Casino

Rizk Casino LogoIt’s obvious to anyone familiar with these casinos that Rizk Casino is the youngest casino on this list, which my go some way to explaining why this casino has ended up with the most innovative loyalty scheme of the lot. The way it works is a relatively old principle, where players earn points from playing, which are stored away and saved for you to use later.

However, unlike other casinos which have fixed rewards for loyalty points, at Rizk, you get to take a spin on the casino’s wheel of fortune, which gives you the opportunity to win anything up to £2,500!

Reap The Loyalty Benefits At Rizk Casino!