Scam Alert SignThere are hundreds of fair and transparent online and mobile casinos where you’re going to have the same chance of winning as you would at a land-based casino. Unfortunately, not everyone always plays by the rules and when there’s a quick buck to be earned, people are willing to break the rules. That’s why rogue scam casinos exist, where the odds are always stacked unfairly in the house’s favour, and your chances of winning and withdrawing your cash are slim to none. In this post we’ll run you through some of the most important signs that a casino you’re thinking about playing at is a scam.


You Can’t Find A License

UK Gambling Commission LogoThe simplest place to start when trying to work out if a casino is scamming you is to take a look at its licenses and accreditation. Without exception, every single legitimate casino online will make a point of displaying its gambling license number – usually on every page, at the bottom. You can take this number and cross reference it to the data base of the licencing body – usually the UK Gambling Commission. If you can’t find the license number, or it doesn’t match the data base, then you should steer well clear of that casino.

As well as the license number, look out for information about gambling responsibly and links to problem gambling information like GamCare. Legitimate casinos have a duty of care to their players, and are required to offer such links. If a site doesn’t feature them, you have to start worrying about its legitimacy.


The House Edge Seems Too High

It’s almost a 100% guarantee that if a casino is trying to scam you, it will have an inflated house edge – also known as a low return to player rate. What this means is that the games on offer may be fixed to make you lose more often than is fair, and you’re guaranteed to end up with less money at the end of play.

This can be a difficult one to judge unless the overall casino return to player rate is stated (which might even be falsified) or you play for long enough to get an impression of it yourself, but if you’ve been playing for a while and you’re really not seeing any wins, stop playing and leave the casino. There are always plenty more fish in the sea.


Unfamiliar Games

Now look, this point is definitely one that should be taken in consideration with the other signs in this list and shouldn’t necessarily be suspicious in its own right. We love to see casinos featuring unique and niche games on their roster, and if you were new to sites like mFortune (which creates all its own games in-house) all the titles would be unfamiliar to you, even though that site certainly isn’t a scam or rogue casino.

However, if your suspicion has already been peaked by some other signs, it might be worth checking out the games the casino in question has on offer. If there are surprisingly few, if you’ve never hear of the developers and if they seem to be of relatively low quality, this is when the alarm bells should start ringing in your mind. If a casino isn’t investing in its games, or using games from a questionable source which might be fixed, it could be a sign you’re dealing with a dodgy site.


Won’t Let You Withdraw Winning

declined stampYou’ve managed to win against the odds, and want to get your cash out to treat yourself to something nice. But wait, what’s this, you can’t withdraw your winnings?! Whether there is no capability to do so, or you simply never receive the payment promised, unfortunately for many gamblers, the first they realise they’re being scammed is when they try to cash out and are faced with the fact they’re not going to receive their winnings.

This is a really unfortunate place to find yourself, and if you’ve accidentally ended up playing at an unlicensed casino there’s little you can do. If, however, you are playing at a licensed casino and still not receiving your payout, you can report the site to the UK Gambling Commission, who have in their power to retrieve you money for you. This is just another reason to check the license of a casino before you play!