Phone With Question MarksLosing your phone can feel like you’ve lost a limb. You’re un-contactable, about to foot a heavy bill and missing all your treasured photos and phone numbers. That’s before you’ve even thought about all those useful apps that are inaccessible too.

For mobile gamers, it’s a double whammy. Playing at your favourite casinos can turn into a chore, no-one likes to load up a laptop when they just want a quick spin. Plus, if you deposit via your phone, funding your playing is now impossible. Today, we’re talking about the steps you need to take when your phone’s gone AWOL.

It can become a very stressful situation very quickly. However, you need to remember that protecting your personal information is vital. Blocking your phone via your network provider should be your first port of call, but how about after that? What do you need to do to be able to get back to gaming and depositing on-the-go as soon as possible?


Block Your Phone

Blocked iPhoneAs mentioned above, protecting your personal details is crucial if your phone has been lost or stolen. These days, our whole lives are seemingly attached to our smartphones. Many people have their bank accounts linked to their phones, their address books, and a whole album of personal photos. In fact, a recent study by the Pyschological Society showed that most Briton’s rank misplacing a phone as almost as stressful as a terrorist attack. Not to scare you or anything…

Blocking your phone should be the immediate action you take when this misfortune strikes. You can do this via your network provider, and it should usually take just a short phone call. This will block the sim card from being used, and will stop anyone from being able to use your phone and rack up a huge bill.

However, you should also report your loss to the police as soon as possible. You can do this by going to your local police station or calling 101, which is the non-emergency police phone number. When you contact your network provider, make sure to take note of your phone’s identification number (IMEI) as you need to pass this on to the police too.

If you think you may have just misplaced your phone, you can also try tracking apps like Apple’s Find My iPhone. You can access this feature from a desktop computer or other internet-enabled device. It should show you the phone’s GPS location, providing the device is turned on. Hopefully, the phone is simply hiding around the house, but if you’ve left it in a bar or restaurant, this app will let you know it’s location.


Change Your Passwords

Password Icon on KeyboardLosing your phone almost always happens at the most inconvenient times. This may mean that you’re unable to contact your network provider straight away, for example if you’re abroad or without access to another phone to make the call. In these circumstances, it’s important that you change your passwords straight away. If a thief can access the data stored on your phone, they may also be able to log into your apps.

For mobile gamblers, changing your casino account password is crucial, as this stops a thief from being able to spend all your cash. Changing a password shouldn’t be an arduous task, and can be done quite quickly simply by accessing your account from a desktop computer. If you use the same password, or similar passwords, for different accounts then make sure they are all changed to something completely unrelated, to prevent thieves from being able to try their luck.


Log Into Boku

boku-mobile-logoMobile depositors may feel quite stressed that thieves may be able to spend money through their lost phones. If you’ve taken the steps mentioned above, you should be pretty safe. However, if for some reason you cannot perform these actions, then your next move should be to log into your Boku account from a desktop computer, and access the Customer Care Portal.

From there, you can contact the service, and let them know that you’re phone is out of your possession. They can then put a purchasing block on your number, which stops any transactions being able to be made. One of the biggest downfalls of Boku for many players is their strict £30 per day depositing limit. However, in situations where your phone is missing this can become a blessing in disguise.

If you simply cannot do anything about your phone for a while, the good news is that even if a thief can somehow get into your phone, they’ll also be restricted to spending £30 a day. Whilst losing £30 is not ideal, it means that so long as you can block your phone as soon as possible, you won’t suffer a huge financial loss.

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