Money Falling in air Woman SmilingThis week marks the final week of Women’s History Month, and to celebrate we’re talking about female gamblers. Female gamblers now make up a huge percentage of the market, and in fact, 44% of women have gambled in the past four weeks. These statistics should surely mean that the industry now knows how to cater and appeal to women, right?

Well it seems no. Online casinos still struggle with working out how to draw female players in and so today, in honor of this great month, we’ve decided to help them out. In this guide we’ll be talking about all the things a casino should be doing to cash in on the female market. From design, games and promotions, there are plenty of ways to entice the ladies, so if you’re a casino operator read on for our top tips.


Make Everything Pink

Pink CasinoIt may be a little known fact, but women love pink. From rose to magenta, women can’t resist that soft blush colour, and so your casino should reflect that. We know that some people think that colours shouldn’t be gendered, but we think this is rubbish. From the day that little pink bonnet went on our head, we fell in love and now blue just doesn’t do it for us anymore.

Casino operators trying to attract women should make their headers, their layout, their text and their logo pink. Everything basically. Purple is also a great choice, ideally though, paired with pink. Maybe you could even name your casino something to do with pink? We heard it worked for Pink Casino.

We also obviously love diamonds, flowers, hearts and sweets – so make sure these are incorporated too. But again, we really need to stress that these should be pink too. Sadly, if you’re a budding casino, you may find that some great domains have already been taken. Spin Princess, for example, have claimed the royal title – but let’s give them an applause for perfectly capturing every girl’s fairytale aspirations.


Introduce A Cute Character

Spin Genie LogoThere’s nothing women love more than cute things. Be it cats, dogs, babies – our wombs just ache at the sight of something we can take care of. So, in light of this, if you’re a casino trying to appeal to female players, why not introduce a cute animated character.

Spin Genie went a little rouge when they introduced Spin the Dog, as he seems to be quite gender neutral, but even then, we can’t resist his puppy eyes! The other great thing about cute characters is that they distract women from the serious side of gambling. We’re basically infants, don’t you know, so we don’t really want to reminded of grown-up casinos.

Instead of poker chips, red and black and other manly items, you should fill your site with rainbows and butterflies. Women can be tricked into spending money so easily, and therefore your casino should cash in on this. Alternatively, why not Scrummy Bingointroduce a character that loves any of our favourite hobbies? This could be a cartoon lady who loves shopping, baking or housework. The danger here, however, is that you could overstep.

We’re only interested in frivolous things, so don’t start showing us women CEO’s or even notable female gamblers. Bingo sites have known about this trick for a while, so look to them for inspiration; take a leaf out of Scrummy Bingo’s site and just show us some pretty cakes, or call tell us we look ‘stylish’ as The Bingo Boutique have done — compliments about our physical appearance are the perfect way to get our attention!


What About Hunky Dealers?

No Female DealersAs a woman, I’ve often visited online casinos only to be put off by the fact that all the live dealer games are staffed by female croupiers. Women hate other women, it’s a fact – especially good looking ones. So, if you’re going to go all out in appealing to female players, do not host live dealer games ran by women.

We don’t care if these are the best games on the market, we’d much rather play a substandard version and not have to look at someone prettier than us. It would be much better for us if you could employ some hunky dealers please? We’d like them to look like a mix of George Clooney and David Beckham ideally. All women like guys – FACT.


PLEASE NOTE: This advice might not work on ALL women and this is, in fact, quite bad advice. Women can gamble at any casino, and more often than not, they’ll be looking for the same things as men: good promotions, generous welcome packages, great games and a broad range of depositing options. Surprising, huh?

If you’re a woman in search of a casino, why not read our casino reviews? We promise you, they’re not just for boys!