Loyalty BlocksCasinos, review sites and pop-up ads alike are constantly bombarding you with promises big bonuses if you sign up to play at a new site. Welcome bonuses have just grown and grown over the last decade, to the point where it almost seems worth signing up to a new casino every single day. This does rather leave you wondering whether you’re being a fool if you sick with just the one casino.

We’ve all had the experience of really falling in love with a casino, whether it’s the games on offer, a compelling rewards scheme or simply the theme you really connect with. Yet, are you being silly for having attached your horse to just one wagon? Is the grass really greener over on the other side? Not necessarily. In this post we’ll try and give you some reasons why sticking with a single casino can actually be a great idea.


Loyalty Points

First, foremost and most obviously, we have the fact that loyalty points come strongly into play when you spend more time at a casino – after all, the whole point of them is that they reward loyalty. Even at their most basic, loyalty points can add up over time to reward you with bonus extra spins or deposit bonuses, but there’s so much more to them that that.

Some casinos have built their whole platform around casino-wide reward schemes, which take your playing to the next level. If you’re at one of these casinos, there’s every reason you might want to stay.


Exclusive Bonuses

Free Bonus SignOften not featured on the marketing material for casinos – but something many offer – is unique and exclusive bonuses for existing players at the casino, especially those who play regularly.

Casinos will get in touch with players whose custom they value, and offer them exclusive promotions via text or email. These can often be just as generous as the original sign up bonuses and may even be specifically tailored to suit the way you play and the games you prefer.


VIP Schemes

One of the most pernicious misconceptions about casino VIP schemes is that they are exclusively there to cater to big spenders. This is simply not the case. While being a high roller can be a fast-track method into a VIP scheme, a little known fact is that many casinos will extend membership of these schemes to players who remain loyal over a long period.

These schemes will give you access to exclusive bonuses and promotions, and other perks unavailable to other players. Obviously casinos will invite players on a case by case basis, but remaining steadfastly loyal can really help.


Faster Payouts

withdraw money atmThe final reason we’re going to highlight in favour of sticking with one single casino is the fact that players who do can actually enjoy much faster withdrawals than occasional users.

If a casino gets used to paying out to you, it can process your payments much faster, meaning you can have your winnings in your pocket in record time. It’s a little thing, but it can really improve you experience of a casino.