We all love those free casinos bonuses. When we sign up to a new one, we fully expect to be rewarded with either a £5/£10 welcome bonus, a deposit match bonus or a extra spins bonus. The latter is very handy as those extra spins can help you on your way to making a win without having to spend a penny.

On the other hand, many players are unaware of the Terms and Conditions that go into these bonuses and find themselves “cheated” out of a potentially great prize that could help them along with their gambling experience. So here are thee things that could go wrong when claiming extra spins at a mobile casino.


1. Wagering Requirements

Wagering RequirementsIf you’re new to mobile gambling, you may not know what is meant by a “wagering requirement“. You may glimpse it in the T&Cs of a promotion and shrug because you think it’s just legal jargon and you should pay it now mind. Well, if you do that then we suggest you stop because wagering requirements are important to know.

Without being aware of them, you will not get as much out of your mobile gambling experience as you could. Basically, wagering requirements are when a casino makes you bet a certain amount of times before you can withdraw your winnings. For instance, if you get 100 extra spins for a particular slot, you have gambled at least 30x your wager already in order to claim the cash you won with them.

It’s a pain, but it a necessary precaution on behalf of the casino. If they didn’t enforce it, what would be stopping you from claiming a cash bonus and running off with it? So when claiming some extra spins, be mindful of the wagering requirements involved otherwise you’ll end up feeling disappointed and confused.


2. Cash Out Limits

Mobile Phone on Layer of CashThe second thing to watch out for is cash out limits. These limits are the reason that high rollers steer well clear of casino bonuses, and that includes extra spins. Why? Because what is the the point of getting out a large cash bonus of up to £100 when you need to cash out at least £1,000? That would almost certainly result in a loss, which we’re sure we don’t need to tell you!

These crafty little terms are what catch people out and can result in them turning away from the casino, feeling “cheated”. The same can go for extra spins, once again highlighting the importance of reading the Terms and Conditions when it comes to claiming any bonus at a mobile casino. Although, we must say, this is rare for extra spins to have such a large cash out limit.

Still, it’s best to watch out for them. You don’t want to be caught out. If you can’t be bothered to scroll through all the T&C’s, use Ctrl+F and type “Cash Out Limits” in the box. Should narrow down your search significantly and save a lot of time. If it’s not in there, then there’s no need to worry.


3. Expiry Date

time limitAnd finally, it is not uncommon for most mobile casinos to attach expiry dates to their bonuses. This does, unfortunately, include extra spins. Many players tend to fall into the habit of “saving up” their extra spins so that they can use them at a later date. While this is fine in principle, many come out disappointed and outraged when they discover that their extra spins have gone after thirty days.

We must again bring your attention to the importance of reading the terms and conditions! If there is an expiry date in the small text, that means you must use those extra spins before that date, otherwise you will lost them. Simple as.

A typical expiry date usually lasts until after a period of thirty days. That gives you a whole month to use your extra spins, which we would say is plenty enough time to use them all. Now, we don’t mean use them all at once. You can, if you want, but as long as you use them by the expiry date, there’s no reason you can’t save some for a later date. Who knows? A extra spin may mean your lucky day!