Something New Feature ImageThe start of 2017 doesn’t just represent the start of another year, but also an opportunity for players everywhere to try one of the many other (and new) types of gambling available out there, other than online and mobile casino betting. In this post we’ll look at three new(ish) ways you can gamble in excitingly novel ways. We’ll look at binary options betting, daily fantasy sports, and eSports betting to help you to decide which new form of gambling you’re going to espouse through the New Year.


Binary Options

What Is Binary Options Betting?

Binary Options BettingBinary options betting is a kind of gambling which allows you to gamble on the stock markets without having to purchase any stock for yourself. Instead of buying and selling assets on the market yourself, you instead wager on the change that will occur in the price of those assets over a fixed amount of time. The word binary comes from the fact that the entire process is predicated on whether the assets price will go up or down: there are only two options.

Within binary options betting, there’s a whole host of different ways to gamble. You can bet on commodities, indices, stocks and even currencies. Different binary options sites offer various different ways to gamble on these options, and in many ways the difference between these sites make them more varied and characterful than mobile casinos.

Is Binary Options For Me?

Binary options are great for someone with a good head for numbers, who wants to enjoy the thrill of gambling on the outcome of real world events. If you understand the stock markets and are willing to put in a little research, they can pay off greatly. Moreover, gambling with binary options can be a really great way of learning how the stock markets operate, so it you want to get into dealing with stocks yourself later, it sets you up perfectly for that.

Our one warning is that binary options can be complicated. You really need to do your homework before you start betting, as the best results come from when you understand the assets you’re betting on. If you’re a quick thrill seeker who doesn’t want to spend too much time thinking about it before placing a bet, then binary options probably isn’t right for you.


Daily Fantasy Sports

What Is Daily Fantasy Sports?

Daily Fantasy SportsFantasy sports have been around for absolutely ages. Primarily popular in the US (thanks ostensibly to greater gambling restrictions), fantasy sports evolved from what was basically a glorified sweepstakes, where participants (usually groups of friends) selected teams of real life players from different teams, and won points according to their players’ performance over the season. Daily fantasy sports are an evolution of this.

Daily fantasy sports take the thrill of season long fantasy sports, and condense it down into daily games. You can select teams for upcoming fixtures, who are then able to score over far more metrics than the traditional season long games. You can play with football, American football, rugby, baseball and other sports to boot. This form of the game is particularly popular with younger players, who tend not to have the patience for the season long games, or players who are also playing season long games, but want quick wins in the meantime.

Is Daily Fantasy Sports For Me?

It pretty much goes without saying that daily fantasy sports are really only for those with a keen interest in, well, sports. Not only is it bound to be really boring for people who have no interest in the sports, you’re also most likely to do well if you’re knowledgeable about the sports you’re betting on, and can select teams of players who are likely to perform well.

The very best fantasy sports players also tend to be those who look at the data. Both individual player data, team data, and even things like the weather to expect wherever the real matches are taking place can be used to determine your picks. While many players still do well on their gut instinct about players they like, if you’ve really no head for figures, it might not be for you.


eSports Betting

What Is eSports Betting?

eSports StadiumDaily fantasy sports betting isn’t the only new way of betting on sports, but instead of asking you change the way you bet, eSports betting requires you to change your definition of sports. As with email, the ‘e’ in eSports refers to ‘electronic’, which if you don’t know about eSports yet, might give you a clue what they’re about. Basically, eSports is video gaming taken to the masses; originating from online video games competitions being streamed online, eSports now attract a global audience of millions, packs out stadiums, and is worth billions worldwide.

So how does betting come into it? Well, just like other sports, eSports see teams go head to head in competition, creating, of course, the ability for viewers to bet on the outcome of games. Understandably, eSports is particularly popular with teenagers and young adults, but as the demographic gets older, betting on matches is becoming a big feature of the industry.

Is eSports Betting For Me?

If you shuddered at the through of daily fantasy sports because you’re too much of a geek for following football, then eSports betting might be the solution you’re looking for. Obviously, like with fantasy sports, you should really be into video games to consider betting on eSports, and you should really start following the major teams if you have a hope in hell of making decent predictions.

The fact is, eSports is still a relatively novel invention in its own right, and eSports betting is certainly in its infancy. This means that those choosing to gamble on eSports are somewhat pioneers in the world of gambling, and if that’s something that also excites you, then there’s every reason you should check it out.