Trustly IconYou've probably heard of Trustly before, but have you ever opted to use it? The company was founded in 2008, yet only started processing UK payments in 2015. It's relative newness may be why it's often shunned in favour of other depositing methods like Neteller or PayPal, however there's no reason to not consider it. Trustly may even suit you better than you're current method!

Trustly is a service, which allows players to make instant bank transfer payments to their casino accounts. It's straight-forward, quick and secure — all the things we like to see in a depositing method. Plus, as it only takes a click of a button, Trustly is the perfect deposit method to use from your mobile.  We're going to be looking at the pros and cons, and putting Trustly to the test against some of our other favourite mobile depositing methods.


What Is Trustly?
Trustly LogoTrustly started out in 2008, aiming to make online payments quicker and safer for customers. They noticed how long-winded making a bank transfer online can be and wanted to eliminate the need for long bank detail numbers, the scanning of cards and the waiting time after the transfer is made.

The Swedish company first rolled out their services to a handful of countries, yet in 2015 they extended their service to 21 countries, including the UK. To use Trustly, however, you have to make sure your bank is also on board with the service, as currently Trustly is only available to be used with 43 European banks.

Trustly Map

Trustly doesn't require players to set up any account or download any software. Instead, it uses your online-banking login details. This is how the service differs from e-wallets like PayPal or Skrill, as you're not using a middle holding ground. Whilst the idea of supplying a service with your online banking login can sound scary, Trustly are fully FSA approved. Furthermore, in the same way as your bank cannot tell you your online password and can only reset it if forgotten, Trustly cannot see or save your password either.

While Trustly is a unique service, it does have certain similarities with other depositing methods. It doesn't hold your money in a middleman account, but it does provided added security in the same was as an e-wallet. For many people, dishing out their card details to a casino is a worry. Although any casino with a UKGC license must be trustworthy, we can see the concerns players have with giving out information to online websites.

This is where Trustly really proves it's worth. To use Trustly, you need to say which bank you're using,  your online banking login and then access to your banking token (an SMS service, a card-reader, any other way your bank requires you to confirm payments.) Therefore, Trustly is entirely useless to internet fraudsters as without a banking token, the process cannot go ahead.


How To Use Trustly
To use Trustly you need to follow these four simple steps, and we really mean simple!

  1. Click the Trustly logo on the depositing page
  2. Select your bank
  3. Login to your bank account
  4. Confirm the payment

How easy is that? As we mentioned previously, using Trustly requires no extra accounts that need to be set up, which means you don't even have to remember new login details. Not only is there no set-up required to use Trustly, you don't need to download any software like a separate app. This means you can do everything at a click of a button, perfect for both desktop and mobile users. And you thought this would be a longer section, didn't you?


Trustly vs Other Methods
As we want to focus on the benefits of using Trustly as a mobile depositing method, we're going to put it to the test against the two biggest other methods on the market, PayPal and mobile billing.

Boku LogoPerhaps one of the biggest advantages Trustly has over PayPal is the fact you don't need to create an account to use it. This means less login details to remember and no time at all spent setting up. You can use Trustly immediately, whereas PayPal requires you to verify your bank account, a process that can become very tedious if they start asking you to supply ID.

Whilst Trustly beats PayPal in this round, mobile billing also doesn't require account set up and we do think the process of making a mobile billing deposit is slightly faster and easier too. It looks like mobile billing are taking the lead.

PayPal Logo 2014Furthermore, security should be a huge concern when using any payment method, yet we've got to say all three services are ranking pretty high in this round. PayPal are probably the most well-known service in this competition and with so many users it's tantamount that they protect your details. They do this by keeping all your information shielded from retailers, including mobile casinos.

Likewise, Trustly do not and will not have access to your bank details. While you must login to your bank account to use the service, they have no way of seeing the information you enter. Plus, the need for a bank token means that even if someone manages to get hold of your login details, the payment cannot be verified. This is where PayPal fails to match up, because if a person can get hold of your PayPal details, they do have access to your bank account. This time around, mobile billing ties with Trustly as when you use Boku or another mobile billing payment you don't need to offer any bank details.
Lastly, we need to look at how useful these methods are for casino players specifically. One of the biggest disadvantages to Trustly is that they do not have the ability to perform withdrawals. This means that whilst the service allows you to skip waiting around for a bank transfer when you deposit, it's likely that you'll be waiting a while to see your withdrawal in your bank account. In the exact same way, mobile billing doesn't allow withdrawals as they don't have access to an account to send the money to. As the only service that allows both withdrawals and deposits, PayPal undoubtedly wins this round.


Square Ticked Box IconAll in all, we think Trustly is a great service for any mobile player and we're sad we've not tried it out sooner! When weighed up against other methods it holds its own and even offers some benefits that other depositing methods don't. Trustly is a safe and efficient way of depositing to a mobile casino and we think it's definitely worth giving them a shot. We can't believe how easy making a transaction was, and while you may find another method suits your needs better, we're sure that now that Trustly is available in the UK, many players will be making the switch.